Fast and Feature-Rich Excel Diff Tool

We offer the most complete set of features and options on the market for Excel file comparison operations
xlCompare is a flexible and feature-rich utility, that compares Excel worksheets and finds differences in:
  • formulas
  • cell values
  • cell formatting
  • defined names
  • Visual Basic code modules
  • Visual Basic forms and controls
  • and more ...
Look into the list of xlCompare options and features, as it looks in the software reviews: Features and Options ...
xlCompare is the best performing tool on the market. It quickly processes large amount of data and gives you detailed color coded comparison report.
xlCompare needs only a few seconds to open and compare 100 Mb excel files with more than 1 million records. The tool is very effective with the large worksheets.
xlCompare processes all types of Excel Files:
  • Analytics Data
  • Calculators
  • Calendars and Planners
  • Charts
  • Financials Statements
  • Invoices and Price Lists
  • Models with complex calculations
  • and more ...
xlCompare offers data-specific algorithms adopted for specific type of workbook. You can try different algorithms to get the best comparison results.
Integrate xlCompare with other applications.
Use Command Line mode to integrate xlCompare as an External Diff and Merge tool in the source control environment. Command line options, present in xlCompare, are standard for diff tools.
Compare Excel Worksheets
Whoever you are: accountant, actuary, developer or usual Excel user - you'll find xlCompare extremely useful!

Combine Multiple Excel Files

Open your files in Excel File Compare
To start working with xlCompare (excel diff tool) you need to open your excel files in the application. Just drop them into excel compare window from the windows explorer.
Take a look into the Primary Keys
Primary Key is an important part of the every database. This is a basis of the database theory. So, we put your attention to this item. Do not miss this step.
Use the Merge button
Merge button on the Home tab on the excel file compare ribbon compares excel files on the left and on the right and merges all modifications into the FILE1.
Get the results immediately!
We've tried to make our excel diff tool as easy as possible. Just a few clicks and you see the results. All that you need after this step - is to press a Save button.

Merge Several Sheets in the Same Excel File

Open your files in the Excel Diff Tool xlCompare
There are a few ways to open excel files in the xlCompare - you can use Browse button, or Open File command on the File tab on the Ribbon. But the easiest way is to drop the file into the Windows Explorer.
(Optional Step) Setup Primary Keys
When you open excel file in xlCompare, the tool check worksheets for a database structure and suggests you primary keys. You can change this selection any time using the Right Click Menu commands. xlCompare has very handy interface for editing the primary keys.
Use the Merge Sheets Wizard
Merge Sheets in Excel File Wizard asks you worksheet that receives data for worksheets, whose contents should be merged into the master sheet. Wizard is very easy and requires only a few clicks from you.
Get your worksheets merged!
Excel File Compare Tool (xlCompare) gives you immediate results after you complete the Wizard. Do not spend your time for merging excel sheets manually.

Start working faster with xlCompare!

Stop using VLOOKUP and macros for comparing two Excel workbooks.
Just in a few seconds we'll make this work for your. You will get results with a minimum efforts.
Sales Statistics
We want to give you robust and efficient utility to compare Excel Files. During last years xlCompare was tested on the millons of Excel workbooks around the world.
Strong Background
Spreadsheet Core - our engine which performs spreadsheet calculations, works inside xlCompare. With this module our tool works faster then Excel application and gives ability to implement any feature, which it not possible in Excel-based solution.
xlCompare is a good investment that saves you time and money. Your performance will be on the highest level with our Excel File Comparison Utility!

Find which rows(columns) are Inserted\Deleted

We mark inserted data with green and red colors on the worksheet panels. You quickly identify them in the comparison report.
Align Rows
Highlight with Color
To give you best representation of the comparison results, we insert virtual rows on the every panel, to align equal rows. Every pair of the corresponding rows apear on the same place in the comparison report.
Merge Inserted Rows
After your see inserted rows, you can copy them to other worksheet in one click. Just select range of the rows you want to copy and click on the merge(plus) icon.
Merge In One Click
Do not want to review all changes one-by-one and merge them? One click and all modifications are applied to other workbook. With this command you synchronize your files in a seconds.

Check Cells for Modifications

xlCompare processed cell value, formula and all formatting options. Modified cells are highlighted with color.
Cell Values
If you've changed cells value, or it was changed after recalculation - it will be highlighted by xlCompare.
Cell Formulas
xlCompare will point you exactly to the changed part of the formula.
Cell Formatting
xlCompare detects changes in the border, background fill, text color and font options. All cell formatting options are compared.

Display Extended Diff Report with Formatting

We give you the most native representation of the comparison results. Cells in the worksheets, splitted into two panels, are highlighted with color.
Formatted Difference Report
Highlight the Difference
With Display Difference option you get original value and difference in the same cell.
Focus on Differences
We've implemented this option to give you a way to focus on changes effectively. Tendency arrows indicate increase or decrease the value.
This Feature in Only in xlCompare
This feature is possible only in the xlCompare. It is not possible in the software based on the Excel application.

Differences on Your Screen

We synchronize differences found in your worksheets with Comparison Report. In these places we point you to the differences found.
xlCompare:Scrollbars with Difference Map
Changes are Highlighed on the Sheet
You see all differences in the native way. We display all changed data right on the worksheet. You work with Comparison Report in the same way as with Excel Worksheet.
Pointers on the Scrollbars
We put colored pointers on the scrollbars, so you can easily identify in which area of your worksheet you have midifications.
Worksheet Tab
xlCompare displays number of differences found on the sheet on worksheet tab item.

Get PDF Report with Color Formatting

Compare cells on 2 or more Excel worksheets and combine them into single sheet with Merge and Bulk Merge commands.
Export To PDF
Export to PDF
Suitable for sharing with co-workers. Export color formatted cells with their corresponding values or differences.
Export to XLSX workbook
You can save Comparison Summary into Excel workbook.
Export to HTML file
Create diff presentation for comparison results on the HTML page.

Combine Excel Files into One

Compare 2 Excel Tables and merge them into one copy in one click with Merge command.
Compare Database Tables
Merge Changes
Select area you want to move to other worksheet and use Merge command. In one click xlCompare update all values on the corresponding area.
Copy Inserted Rows
Inserted Rows (green and red) are merged exactly in the same way - press PLUS icon to add them to other worksheet. You get only records you need!
Merge All Command
Join and Intersect your tables with Bulk Merge command. Perform database operations with Excel Tables

Work with duplicate records in Excel Tables:
Highlight and Remove

With xlCompare you have set of useful tools in your hands to Filter, Highlight and Remove Duplicate Rows in Excel Tables.
xlCompare:Highlight Duplicates
Highlight Copies
Collect and Highlight copies of keys(rows) with color.
Filter Copies
Display only rows, which have copy on this worksheet.
Remove Copies
Make your worksheet clean from copies.

Compare Contents of the Visual Basic Project
in Excel Workbooks

xlCompare is the most complete comparator for VBA Projects. We find modifications in the Code Modules and Form Controls. If you are VBA developer - you find this tool extremely useful!
Compare VBA Projects in Excel
Differences in VBA Macros
xlCompare finds changes in the VBA Modules and displays them with color formatting.
Differences in VBA Forms
xlCompare detects and reports you with color changes in the controls properties.
Resolve Conflicts in the VB Projects
In a few clicks you get your conflict resolved. There is no need to review every control on the form or every VBA module. We will do this for you!

You can export VBA macros into text files and compare them with other utility. Then you need to paste merged modules into Excel. xlCompare works without these operations. Just look into changes in the xlCompare window, merge then and save the workbook.

VBA Developers will find xlCompare extremely handy and useful!

Find Differences in VBA Forms

Synchronize changes made on the Visual Basic Forms. Apply modifications to another project just in a few clicks.
Compare Visual Basic Forms
Compare Forms
If you have new VBA Form in one book, xlCompare will move it to other file.
Compare Controls
Your co-worked added new control - one click and it is added to your version.
Compare and Merge Properties
You've changed control background color on control - xlCompare will merge it into common version.

How we report differences in the VBA Forms?

xlCompare has own Visual Basic Form Editor. We present you all controls on the form, including hidden ones.

This feature displays contents of the Form in the best possible way. It looks similar to Excel application. We've grouped all form controls into hierarchcal structure. This tree is on the left side of the editor. Below list with controls we display you list of the controls properties - Name, Font, Text and Background Colors, Tab Index, Size and Position, ....

Setup xlCompare as a Diff Viewer for
Version Control Applications

xlCompare allows easy integration into third party application as an external comparator for Excel files.
Find Diffs in Books with Same Base Version
3-Way comparison - compare changes made by you and your co-worker in the same version of workbook.
Resolve Merge Conflicts
If you have merge conflict between Excel workbooks - you will spend a lot of time to resolve it manually. On the primary purposes of xlCompare is to give you a tool to compare exce files with same base version and resolve merge conflicts.
External Comparator for SVN\GIT Tools
We have rich set of the command line options. When them you will easily integrate xlCompare into your SVN\GIT environment.
3-Way Comparison

Number of Bonus Features

We offer you more commands then you expect. xlCompare is much then just a workbook comparator.
Trace Dependents
Analyze Precedents
Drill-down trace of the formula precedents Go in-depth into cells which affect specific formula.
Evaluate Calculations
Recursive analysis of the formulas. We split formula into elementary parts and display them in a form of tree. This is the most native representation of the calculations.
List of Errors
We bring you list of error values in your workbook and point you to the source of each error. One second you know why there is an error.

xlCompare is the tool you are looking for!

Save your time and be more productive by using xlCompare. Compare and Merge your Excel workbooks with maximum speed and efficiency.

Simple in Use
Stop spending your time learning the software. We are using simple and clear interface you will undestand immediately.
Clear Interface
xlCompare has 2 panel interface oriented for workbook comparison operations. This is primary purpose of the application.
The accuracy in comparison reports is a result of the flexible comparison algorithms we are using.
Get Updates
Update your xlCompare regularly - get improvements and new features at the earliest.
Compare Workbooks with Common Base Version
3-way comparison is an important feature for the SVN\GIT Diff Viewer applications. xlCompare has rich set of Command line options for this integration.
Ultimate Tool for VBA Developers
Complete comparison of the Visual Basic Projects - we compare and merge Modules, Forms and Controls.

Compare CSV Files

Table (database) data is often stored and represented in a form of the plain TEXT files, where values a delimited with specific characters. One of the common text formats for storing tables is CSV format. Text file with values delimited by semicolon character. Excel file diff tool opens and compares CSV files like other excel files. You can use full set of excel file compare options to compare two CSV files - compare CSV files with Primary Key, apply comparison accuracy, filter rows in CSV files and more.

What differs xlCompare from other Excel file comparison tools?

Excel file comparator, implemented as Microsoft Excel Add-in is limited with capabilities offered by host application to external modules. We've created xlCompare as independent application, which uses Spreadsheet Core engine. So, there is no limits for us - we are able to add any feature to our product.