xlCompare: Commands and Options

On this page you find a brief explanation of the xlCompare commands, present on the Application Ribbon.

Excel Compare: Application Ribbon

Displays Comparison Wizard to select data to be compared – Worksheets, Visual Basic Modules and Forms
Merges two opened Excel Worksheets. If both worksheets are from the same book – xlCompare offers you to merge them.
Set of commands to open Excel Workbooks, save them or close. Put your attention into Close All command which closes both opened workbooks.

Excel Compare: File Management Commands

Browse contents of the workbook. xlCompare divides workbook into:
  • Worksheets
  • Visual Basic project
  • Defined Names
  • Tables

Excel Compare: Workbook View

On this tab you select type of the view, used for by main window.
Formatting options similar to Microsoft Excel Home Tab on the Ribbon.

Excel Compare: Formatting Commands

Formula Auditing commands:
  • Trace Precedents
  • Evaluate Formulas
  • Display Errors

Excel Compare: Formula Auditing Commands

Manage Primary Keys. Find, Highlight and Remove duplicates. Sort and Filter records.

Excel Compare: Database Operations

Online Help Library, Check for Updates and Version Information.

Excel Compare: Help Commands

View and Edit xlCompare Options - Color Settings, Extended View, Display Difference, Comparison Options, etc...

Excel Compare: Options button on the Ribbon

How to enable Extended View, to see cell value and the corresponding value in same cell.
How xlCompare displays difference in cell values on the worksheet.
Comparison Wizard
This is a window, where you select which worksheets and VBA modules are compared. After you click on the Compare button, xlCompare opens Comparison Wizard window and gives you initial selection of the worksheets to be compared. Worksheets are grouped by name or index (depending on the options) into pairs. VBA Modules and Forms are grouped in the same way.
Usually, default selection it ok. And you should only click Compare button to complete the Wizard and get the results. But if needed, in this window you can customize the comparison process:
  • Exclude Worksheets from the comparison
  • Exclude VBA Project modules and forms from the comparison
  • Change Comparison Algorithm, used by xlCompare to compare your worksheets
  • Regroup compared items
Effectively check excel worksheets for differences