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Build Date: March 12, 2023
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Filter matching rows

Filter different rows

Display only rows present in both excel files and exclude new (removed) rows
Hide rows that have corresponding row on the other sheet. Display only different records on both sheets.

Extract matching rows

Extract different rows

Extract and save rows that has a corresponding row in other excel file.
Save on the third worksheet rows that doesn't have a matching row on the corresponding sheet.

Compare sheets by key columns

Compare VBA code and forms

Define Primary Keys columns and rows on your worksheets and compare them as structured tables, taking key values and field names into account.
Complete comparison of the Visual Basic projects in your Excel files. Compare code modules and forms with controls for differences.

Compare multiple Excel files

Mark differences with color

Enable 3-way comparison mode and compare three Excel files at once. Use this procedure in iterative mode to compare multiple Excel files for differences.
Permanently mark all changes you've found with background and text color to highlight them for future analysis.
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License Agreement

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Questions & Answers

How does the evaluation version work?
Once you decide to use xlCompare, you can run a 15-day free trial first. Including all the product features. This will help you decide which features are of the greatest value to you. Once the 15 day period is over, you will be asked to make your choice.
Do you work with resellers?
Yes, sure. We are working with all most known software distribution companies - Software ONE, SHI and others. Reseller can order a license for you.

List of Changes

Open this page to get the detailed information on what was changed in the latest version of xlCompare.

Version History

During 15+ years, our team has been working to provide for you a robust and quality software. It boosts your productivity and saves you time and money. Just look into our list of changes on the page below to imagine the amount of work done on the product.

xlCompare in the Action

Compare Excel Sheets for Differences
How to merge several Excel files into one?
In the article below, we've compared two price lists in the XLSX format to introduce you primary xlCompare features and options. If you are looking for a tool to compare two Excel sheets for differences - it will be useful for you. Spend a few seconds to see how xlCompare works.
In the example below, we've merged 3 lists with auto parts, saved in the Excel file, into single list. Plus, we've described some options relative to Merge operations. How xlCompare works:
How to report changes made in the workbook to co-worker?
Compare and Merge CSV files
For the compared price lists we've created example of the outlined difference report. It contains all changes found between compared Excel workbooks. We've saved it in the XLSX file to be sent by e-mail.
Comma separated files and text files with delimiter are often used to keep numeric values. xlCompare compares and merges them as usual Excel worksheets. Open files with customer delimiter, join and filter records and more ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Please, open the Frequently Asked Questions page for getting additional information about xlCompare.
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