Use xlCompare with SVN for version control Excel files

xlCompare is a Spreadsheet Compare tool designed for all possible types of spreadsheet comparison. SVN environment requires diff checker tool for version control Execl files. xlCompare is a tool you can trust to find all even minor changes you've made in your excel files.
Configure SVN Application Settings to use xlCompare as external diff viewer
Every SVN application comes with embedded diff viewer tools, used to compare files in the known formats. But usually these applications compare files in the text format only. They are perfect for source code written using any programming language, text file or something like this. But Excel Files (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB) are just a binary files for these tools. These files can't be compared with most of the standard diff viewers. We've created xlCompare to fill this gap and give you more than excel comparator - we give you powerful tool which wll save your time and make your work much more comfortable.

How to integrate xlCompare into SVN

Use command line options to integrate xlCompare as a Diff-Merge Tools into your Version Control Application.
Command line mode is a "bridge" between xlCompare and SVN tools. Normally Source Code Control Systems allow to setup diff tools for different types of files in it's options. You can use xlCompare to diff and merge following types files:
  • XLS Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Workbook
  • XLSX Excel Workbook
  • XLSM Macro Enabled Excel Workbook
  • XLA, XLAM Excel Add-ins
  • XLTX Excel Templates
  • XLTM Excel Macro Enabled Templates
xlCompare doesn't require any additonal steps to integrate into SVN environment. You should not create and setup BAT files. Just open options and configure external diff viewer.

Step 1

Open Settings(Options) for your SVN application and find a page to configure external diff viewer

Step 2

Specify xlCompare.exe as a diff and merge tool for the excel file formats (XLS, XLSM, XLSX, XLA, XLAM, XLTS, XLTM)
Use this string in the Tortoize SVN application to integrate Excel File Compare as Excel Diff Tool
"C:\Program Files\Spreadsheet Tools\xlCompare\xlCompare.exe" %mine %base /quit_on_close
In these 2 simple steps you integrate xlCompare into your source code control system.

Complete set of the command line parameters

Merge Tool for SVN clients

Comparison is not the only benefit you get from Excel Compare. We give you a tool to Update(merge) changed made in your worksheets and VBA code. In the automatic and manual (step by step) modes you merge changes made in the different versions of your workbooks.

Conflict Editor for SVN clients

Very common case - you've updated your working copy and got the conflict. The Excel file you are working with was changed by a colleague! What to do? Look for modifications manually?
Let xlCompare to help you! With this diff tool you can Highlight and Resolve Conflicts, when committing files into repository.

git diff for Excel files

xlCompare can also be used with GIT clients on Windows to show diff for Excel files.
Visit this page to find step-by-step instructions on integrating xlCompare into GIT:

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