Comparison Wizard

Manage list of compared worksheets

Effectively check excel worksheets for differences
Every Excel File is a set of sheets and VB Project. xlCompare compares one worksheet versus another worksheet. So, to compare two excel files for differences, all sheets and modules should be grouped into pairs. Every pair is compared separately. After comparison is completed, all results are joined into single list and published in the Difference Explorer.
After you click on the Compare button to start the comparison, xlCompare opens Comparison Wizard. This is a window, which displays available list of worksheets and groups of sheets and modules to be compared.
Comparison Wizard
Worksheets, Visual Basic Modules and Forms are compared separately, so they are divided into 3 tabs in this window.
When you get this window, xlCompare gives you initial grouping. But you have full control over this list and:
  • add new items
  • remove pairs from list
  • exclude sheets from comparison
  • regroup worksheets you are going to compare
Note. Everything, that is applicable to worksheets in this Wizard, is applicable to VBA Modules and VBA Forms.
Items included into comparison
Checkbox near every item means that this pair is included into comparison. If you would like to compare only a few sheets – uncheck worksheets you don’t need.
Check all items at once
Checkbox on the heading on the list checks or unchecks all items at once. Use it to include(exclude) all worksheets from comparison in one click.
Comparison Wizard: Add new pair of worksheets to the comparison list
Add button adds new pair to list. It opens window where you can select pair of worksheets to be compared. Worksheet on the left is from the FILE1 and worksheet on the right is from the FILE2.
Comparison Wizard: Add, Delete and Options buttons
Delete button removes pair from list and adds both worksheets to the list of available items. When sheet is added to the list of available items you can use it to create new grouping.
Options. This button opens comparison options window. It is applicable to worksheets only, on the VB Projects you don’t have this button.
Select Comparison Algorithm
xlCompare has set of comparison algorithms you can use to get the most accurate results, adopted to the data you have.
In this window we show you selected algorithm and you can modify it here when needed.
Comparison Wizard: Select, Exclude and Remove buttons
Select All button selects all items you see in list. Use it to apply same operation to all worksheets – set same algorithm in one click, exclude or include all.
Exclude All button excludes all items from the comparison. Use it when you need to exclude contents of the VBA project from the comparison operations.
Remove All button removes all compared items on all tabs in one click. After this command you can regroup compared items from scratch.
As you see Comparison Wizard is a very simple and requires attention only if default selection doesn’t work for you.
After you’ve completed working with Wizard, press Compare button to get the Comparison Report.
Compare two excel files for differences - results