xlCompare: Tool to compare and merge Excel files

Check Excel worksheets for differences, merge and highlight changes with xl comparator

Find differences on Excel worksheet in:

  • cell values
  • formulas
  • formatting options(background color, text color, font, etc.)
  • VB projects
  • and more ...

Merge two excel files excluding duplicates

Compare two excel files for differences and merge changes from one file to other one. Use bulk merge commands to merge all cells and inserted rows in single click.

Merge multiple excel sheets into one

Consolidate contents of multiple excel files(sheets) into one, excluding existing rows. Optionally highlight inserted rows with color.

Compare worksheets by key columns

Get the best comparison results with primary key columns and rows (table heading) defined on the worksheet

Compare three XLSX\XLSM\CSV files

Use xlCompare as a xlsx diff checker, that offers 3-way comparison and merge option for excel files. Compare 3 Excel files for differences.

Check your worksheet for unique and updated rows

Your colleague inserted some rows into common worksheet. No problems. xlCompare will point you to rows that were inserted or deleted!

Fast and efficient xl comparator

xlCompare gives you incredible performance on the large excel files. Having 2 worksheets with millions of rows? xlCompare compares them and gives you best diff report in several seconds.

Compare two Excel files from command line

All commands that are present in the xl comparator are available from the command line. You can compare and merge Excel files in a batch mode.

Find duplicates in Excel files

Remove duplicate rows, remove leading and trailing spaces, split and join columns, convert text to numbers, ... xl comparator gives you 10+ commands to simplify your work with Excel files
Compare VB projects for differences
  • Process visual basic modules
  • Process forms and controls in Visual Basic project
15+ years on the market!
xlCompare is a time-proven xl comparator solution, used on the thousands of computers around the world. We proud every our customer!

Highlight differences on the Excel worksheets

We compare and consolidate all types of excel files:
  • Accounting and Cashflow Statements
  • Business Templates
  • Data Analysis Spreadsheets and Financials Models
  • Budget, Loan and other Calculators
  • Invoices and Price lists
  • To Do lists and Checklists
  • Application Logs, CSV and Text Files (Tab, Comma, Space and custom delimited)
  • and more ...
We offer data-specific algorithms, designed for the various types of Excel files
Available in the following languages:
  • English
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Russian
Diff and Merge Tool for Version Control
Configure xlCompare in any SVN or GIT system using command line mode as an integrated diff viewer tool for Excel documents, CSV and TXT(text) files. Compare three Excel files for differences.

What customers say about xlCompare

Fundamental tool
As a professional Excel/VBA developer, XLCompare has become a fundamental tool in my development process. It works on even the most code-heavy and complex of workbooks, and is something I just couldn't do without.
Peter Hamilton, XY Spreadsheet Solutions
Very nice software
Very nice your software, the 3 ways blowed my mind out, I did a 2h job in 10 minutes (I looked 5 sec at my screen without moving because I was so surprised).
Olivier Regout
The only tool I've found
XLCompare has been able to handle our files very well. XLCompare was the only tool I have found able to handle these files at all. And with your company's very fast responses and fixes to the problems that I have identified along the way, we have been very happy with XLCompare and it capabilities.
Robert B.
The best excel comparison software!
I need to compare database reports from my co-workers every day and this tool saves a lot of my time. It compares 2 large workbooks in several seconds. Comparison report is perfect. Data can be easily merged and saved directly in the report. Very useful tool.
Ralph Langley

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With xlCompare you move your productivity to the highest level. This tool makes excel file comparison easy and quick.
If you value your time, you will make the choice!

Merge multiple Excel files into one

Drop files you are going to merge into xlCompare
Open your Excel files in xlCompare, to start merging you files with excel diff tool. This is very simple step. Excel File Compare has a number of commands to open Excel files. We recommend to drop your files into the xlCompare application. This way is the most fast and simple.
Define Primary Keys in your Excel File
Usually this command (merge excel files into one) is applied to excel files with database structure. Like price lists, invoices, various tables stored in the Excel Files. For this type of data Primary Key is a basis. Accurate comparison results are not possible without defined key columns and key rows on the worksheet. Excel File Compare Tool (xlCompare) works flexible with primary keys and accepts complex key that consists of several columns and contains duplicated values.
Use the Merge button on the Home tab
After files are opened and primary keys are defined, excel diff tool has all needed information to consolidated excel files into one. Go to the Home tab on the Ribbon and press the Merge button to merge all different rows and updated cells from the FILE2 into the FILE1 (right to left).
Get your Excel Files merged!
Simplicity is one of the principles of the our excel diff tool xlCompare. We would like to give you powerful and best excel file compare tool, but it should be as easy to use as possible. The most actions you can do in Excel File Compare are done in a few clicks only.

Merge all sheets into one in Excel file

Open your excel file in the Excel File Compare Tool
We've described how to open excel file in xlCompare tool in the article above. So, just drop your excel file into the xl comparator (xlCompare) window.
Check the Primary Keys
Normally this step is optional. xlCompare has a number of algorithms to define the primary keys in your excel file. In most cases you need to look into them only. However, if you have a complex data, or ID column is missed and primary key consists of the several columns - you may need to edit them using the Right Click Menu.
Open Merge Excel Sheets Wizard
Merge command on the Home tab on Ribbon opens Merge Excel Worksheets Wizard, if you have only one workbook opened in the excel file compare. The Wizard has minimum fields to be filled. Just select worksheet that receives consolidated data and check the worksheets whose contents should be merged. That's all. All other work is done by excel diff tool xlCompare. Complete the Wizard to get the results.
Get your worksheets consolidated!
As you see in a few clicks you are getting the consolidated worksheet. If you receive invoices, part lists, price lists or other tables splitted into smaller parts - xlCompare is a best excel file compare tool to automate your work and increase your productivity.

xlCompare is an Ultimate Tool for Excel File Comparison

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xlCompare will save your time and increase productivity!

xlCompare is a leading xl comparator solution that provides you powerful and efficient tool to compare excel files and CSV files.
Armed with this excel diff tool you will have following benefits:
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We give you more than excel spreadsheet comparison tool – we give you effectiveness.
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