What differs xlCompare from Spreadsheet Inquire

There is a free software that comes with Excel 365, that compares Excel files for differences. This is Spreadsheet Inquire Add-in.
So, there is a free solution that checks Excel sheets for differences. What is the reason of using xlCompare tool in this case?
What are the main differences between xlCompare and Spreadsheet Inquire Add-in?
Compare worksheets by Primary Key. If you have database data – this is the option, you should use.
Display difference in cell value directly in cell. You should not calculate difference between two values in your head or look for it – xlCompare give it to you.
Print highlighted report in the PDF format. Export comparison report with all formatting into PDF file.
Filter matching and added rows. xlCompare has rich set of commands to filter compared worksheets.
Merge cells between two worksheets. You can merge all cells at once or select data you would like to move to other sheet.
3-way worksheet comparison. You can use xlCompare as external diff tool in the version control systems.
Command line mode. Compare and merge excel worksheets from the console.
This list covers just a part of the features the software has. All of them are not present in the Spreadsheet Inquire Add-in.
What is the main benefit of choosing xlCompare as comparison tool for XLSM files?
xlCompare is a powerful and feature-rich application that saves your working time.
You need to do a few clicks only to get your worksheets compared.

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