Compare CSV files

How to compare and join records stored in the CSV files

Compare CSV files by Primary Key
xlCompare allows to define key columns and key rows to get the most accurate comparison results.
Join two lists in Excel files
Merge two csv files into one and exclude duplicated records.
Compare with Accuracy
Apply accuracy to compared numbers to mark similar values as equal.
Side-by-side View
xlCompare is designed for comparison operations. Main window is divided into 2 panels to pur compared CSV files side-by-side.
Fast on the large CSV files
xlCompare is powerful tool which is effective on the large CSV files. The software quickly loads and compares millions of records.
10+ Time Saving functions for working with CSV files
  • Trim Strings in the cell values
  • Join 2 Columns into one
  • Convert Text values to Numbers
  • Filter and Highlight Duplicate Records
  • Remove Hidden and Empty rows
  • and more ...
xlCompare give you a lot of features you can use to get the maximum productivity, when you are comparing CSV files.

Compare 2 CSV files with xlCompare step by step

Here we give you a short step by step instruction on how to compare 2 CSV files with xlCompare and what you can do with comparison results. After this we describe you benefits you are getting if you use xlCompare with your CSV files.
1 Drop CSV files right into the xlCompare window. In a moment you'll see your files opened side by side. One file in the left panel and another file in the right panel.
xlCompare makes initial processed of the every opened CSV file and defines Key columns and Key rows on the worksheet if possible. You can change them in using Right Click menu commands if needed. But in the most cases xlCompare detects primary keys properly.
2 Now we are ready to compare 2 CSV files. Use Home | Compare Button on the Ribbon.
xlCompare opens Comparison Wizard to show you which worksheet are compared and which algorithm is used for comparison. Normally CSV files contain database tables, so CSV comparison required Database Algorithms. However you can change algorithm in this Wizard and compare CSV files as General Worksheet or Cell by Cell if cells in your files have fixed positions and can't be moved or deleted.
3 Complete the Comparison Wizard to get color coded diff report for your CSV files.
Thats All! Now you have comparison results on your screen. You can start working with them.

What can you do after comparing two CSV files

xlCompare is not just a CSV file comparator. You can use all features designed for Excel workbooks with CSV files.
Filter Duplicated Rows.
Copy All New Rows from into your file in single click
Merge Rows, Columns and Single Cells. In single click you move changed values from file to file.
Save color coded comparison report in the PDF.
Export CSV comparison results into the XLSX file (excel workbook).
This list is not complete, xlCompare is a feature rich CSV and XLS diff utility. This is a powerful tool in your hands, which significantly increases your productivity.

Why should I use this tool, there are free on-line CSV diff tools?

Possible you are right. There are a number of free online comparators, or you can find other way to compare your CSV files for free. If you CSV files are relatively small is simple, there are no reason to pay for a special tool. Below we describe some cases, when you can't use free online csv compare tools.
Peformance Issues If you have a file with 100,000+ rows loading it into online application will take a time and processor resources. Browsers are not adopted to display very large tables. While xlCompare works with millions of cells.
Compare CSV file by Key Column Online CSV diff tools doesn't have a commands to define and manage Primary Keys.
Compare unsorted data. xlCompare has algorithms which designed to compare various unordered data tables. We will give you the best comparison results for your CSV files.
Save Outlined Diff Report. in xlCompare you can export comparison results into the XLSX or PDF file with color formatting.
Compare CSV files from the Command Line. Unfortunately on-line applications doesn't have a command line mode and can't be integrated into the GIT environment and other applications where CSV diff viewer is required.
Compare CSV with Accuracy This feature is not present in a free tools.
Ignore Specific Characters Simple CSV comparison applications doesn't have this option also.
Trim Strings and Convert Text Values to Numbers You can do this in Excel and paste your CSV into diff utility, but this requires extra step for you.