How to exclude columns from the comparison

Some columns give you a lot of unimportant differences in the report. How to get rid of them to be focused on the important changes.
You need to mark this column as Ignored.
Let's look how to make this in the xlCompare.

What is ignored column?

The ignored column is a column that is not involved in the comparison process.
You see this column on your screen, but the data is not compared with the corresponding column in the other worksheet.

How to mark column as Ignored?

  1. Select the columns you would like to exclude, on the worksheet
  2. Right click on the column heading
  3. Apply Hidden column command
ignore column on the worksheet
This command marks selected columns as ignored.

Visual indication on the worksheet

How to identify ignored columns on the worksheet.
They are marked with Empty Icon in the heading.
All cells in the ignored columns are displayed with muted text by xlCompare.