XLS Diff and Merge Utility

Ultimate Tool for Excel Spreadsheet Comparison

xlCompare processes cell values, formulas, array formulas, defined names, cell formatting options, ... You are getting comprehensive color-coded comparison report for your data.

Increase your productivity with Excel Compare

xlCompare - Compare Cash Flows
xlCompare has all you need to work much faster!

If you are working with Price List, Accounting Statement or complex Financials Model, xlCompare has options and algorithms for the every type of data. Update and Merge tables in a seconds using 1 click commands. Filter new or changed records, remove or highlight redundant records - xlCompare has all functions you need.

For Excel Developer we offer formula comparison and debugging commands. You will quickly find differences between 2 versions of your workbook and trace and debug calculations in your spreadsheet. Formula Auditing Tool will save you a lot of working time, spent for drilling into dependencies in your workbook.

Integrate xlCompare into your SVN\GIT environment using command line mode.

Find All Changed Cells

xlCompare detects changes in cell value, formula and style and report it to you by highlighting this cell with color.

Changed Values

If you've changed cells value, or it was changed after recalculation - it will be highlighted by xlCompare.

Changed Formulas

xlCompare will point you exactly to the changed part of the formula.

Changed Formatting

xlCompare detects changes in the border, background fill, text color and font options. All cell formatting options are compared.

Find Unique Rows and Columns

Rows and Columns are compared with corresponding ones from another worksheet. Unique items are marked with color and added to comparison report.
Align Rows

Virtualy Aligned Rows

Added and Deleted Rows(Columns) are virtually inserted into another workbook to make native representation of the comparison results. Every pair of the corresponding rows are on the same places.

Merge Unique Rows

With aligned rows you see where merged unique rows will be inserted. Select range of the rows you want to insert and move them in one click on the plus icon.

Bulk Merge

Merge all changes in single click. Get your workbooks synchronized in a seconds.

Combine Excel Worksheets

Compare cells on 2 or more Excel worksheets and combine them into single sheet with Merge and Bulk Merge commands.
Compare Database Tables

Merge Cells

Select range of cells you want to merge and use Merge command. All values in the corresponding sheet will be updated in one click.

Merge Unique Rows

Select rows or columns you would like to merge and press PLUS icon to add them to other worksheet. You get only records you need!

One Click Merge

Merge button combines spreadsheets in a without selecting differences one by one. One mouse click and few seconds - your worksheets are combined into one.

Formatted Difference Report

This feature displays updated cell values on the worksheet. This is the most native representation of the changes.
Display Comparison Results

Display Difference

Display Difference option gives you ability to see updated value and difference.

Focus on Changes

Sometimes updated value is not so important as difference between values. You get exactly what you need.

Unique Feature

This feature is possible only in the xlCompare. It is not possible in the software based on the Excel application.

Save Color Coded Comparison Report

Compare cells on 2 or more Excel worksheets and combine them into single sheet with Merge and Bulk Merge commands.
Export To PDF

Save as PDF

Ideal for presentations. Save color formatted cells with their corresponding values or differences.

Save as XLSX

Save Comparison Summary for future use, or to send it to co-worker.

Save as HTML

Use all power of the HTML language to create presentation for compared data.

Visualized Difference Representation

When Comparison Report is active - differences are synchronized with worksheet contents.
xlCompare:Scrollbars with Difference Map

Scrollbar Marks

Changed Cells and Unique Rows are reflected on the scrollbars with colors marks.

Worksheet Tabs

Count of differences on the every worksheet is added to sheet name as suffix.

Hide Equal Sheets

Equal and excluded from comparison sheets are hidden from the Comparison Report.

Highlight and Remove Duplicates

Number of commands, you can use to Filter, Highlight and Remove Duplicate Records.
xlCompare:Highlight Duplicates

Highlight Duplicates

Highlight equal (duplicate) rows (keys) with color.

Filter Duplicates

Display only duplicate rows. Unique rows are hidden.

Remove Duplicates

Delete duplicate rows on the worksheet.

Filter Comparison Results

After you have comparison results, you can filter them to print\save or copy to other application.
xlCompare:Filter Rows

Only Unique Rows

Leave only unique rows on screen.

Only Equal Rows

Leave only rows without modification.

Changed and Equal Rows

Hide unique rows and display only changed and equal ones.

Bulk Merge and Undo commands

One click mass operations are essential part of the software, designed to save time and increase productivity.
If you are working with a big datasets:
  • Database lists
  • Price lists
  • Accounting statements
  • LOG files
  • CSV files
You needs in quick and powerful merge commands which allows to manipulate whole worksheets.
xlCompare gives you Bulk Merge Operations - you can resolve all conflicts found by comparison in single click. This greately increases your productivity if you are working with large amount of data.
Bulk merge command

Merge MINE into THEIR

Reflect all changes made in MINE file in the THEIR's one.

Merge THEIR into MINE

Copy all changes from THEIR worksheet into MINE.

Undo Merge

Restore original values if you've made a mistake in merge.

Filter data you want to compare

Reduce comparison noise by selecting cell and formatting options included into comparison
Define comparison strategy which is most suitable for the data you have
Options Comparison

Exclude Hidden Rows

Hide rows or columns and this data will be excluded from comparison.

Calculated Values

If you are not interested in the calculated cells - exclude them and compare only formulas.

Ignore Formatting

Very often cell formatting produce comparison noise. You can ignore it.

Compare Visual Basic Code, Forms and Controls

Complete comparison of the Visual Basic Projects. Compare changes in the Code Modules and Form Controls. A must have tool for VBA developers!
Compare VBA Projects

Modified Code

xlCompare finds changes in the VBA Modules and displays them with color formatting.

Changed Form Controls

If you've modified form control - it will be detected and displayed by xlCompare.

Merge Commands

Merge VBA Code and Form Controls in single click. Just select code lines and click on the check icon!

Compare VBA Projects is a realy complex task. This is not a usual text file comparison. xlCompare gives you a powerful tool which can do all you need for Visual Basic code comparison and merging.

xlCompare is a must-have utility for a VBA developers and programmers who work in the team environment.

Compare and Merge VBA Forms

Compare and Merge VB Forms and Controls in a visual, native form. Just in a few clicks you get all changes applyed to specific form.
Compare Visual Basic Forms

Merge Forms

If you have new VBA Form in one book, xlCompare will move it to other file.

Merge Controls

Your co-worked added new control - one click and it is added to your version.

Merge Properties

You've changed control background color on control - xlCompare will merge it into common version.

xlCompare has own Visual Basic Form editor.
You see all controls on the Form including hidden ones.

This gives ability to display contents of the Form in it's native way. You see form exactly as it looks in Excel application. All form controls are combined into hierarchcal tree structure - you can see it in the top-left pane of the editor. Properties of the selected control (Name, Font, Colors, Tab Index, Size and Position, ...) are below tree control in the list.

xlCompare is the most complete

comparison utility for Visual Basic Projects

xlCompare processes not only Code Modules in the VB Project, but the Form objects also. It detects:

  • Added\Deleted Code Modules
  • Added\Deleted Class Modules
  • Added\Deleted Form Objects
  • Added\Deleted Controls on the Forms
  • Modified control properties on the Forms

xlCompare as a part of Version Control Applications

2 and 3-Way Comparison options with set of command line options allows to integrate xlCompare into Source Control System as Diff Viewer and Merge Tool.

Compare Files with Common Ansector

3-Way comparison - compare changes made by you and your co-worker in the same version of workbook.

Resolve Conflicts

One of the most important version control tasks is to resolve conflicts between different versions of the same file. xlCompare compares 3 versions of Excel workbook - YOUR, BASE and THEIR and gives you comprehensive report of the changes made, with ability to merge conflicts.

Diff Viewer for SVN\GIT Tools

xlCompare supports rich set of the command line options, to be integrated into the SVN\GIT environment as Diff Viewer and Merge Tool.

3-Way Comparison

Resolve conflicts between different versions

When working in the multi-user environment conflicted changes are often happen. Few seconds and you resolve them with xlCompare.
Resolve Conflicts

Visual Representation

All differences are marked with colors exactly in the workbook. Conflicts has red color to be more highlighted then other diffs.

Aligned Rows

Inserted\Deleted rows are virtually inserted into same place in the corresponding workbook. This gives native look for the modified worksheets.

Detailed Report

Put cursor over the colored cell to get detailed report about the changes made.

Why xlCompare has a number of unique features, you can't find in other software?

xlCompare is based on the own Spreadsheet Core engine. So, we can offer you features which are not present in the software based on the Microsoft Excel Application.

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Questions & Answers

Are there any limits in the software?

Evaluation version of xlCompare is full-featured. But it has following limitations:

  • 30-days working period
  • You are not able to save workbooks
  • You are not able to copy cells from worksheet
  • You can't save comparison report on disk
Which version to choose - 64-bit or 32-bit?

If you have 64-bit Windows - install 64-bit version of the xlCompare. It allows to open larger workbooks and use full power of your 64-bit processor.

How does the 30-day trial work?

Once you decide to use xlCompare, you can run a 30-day free trial first. Including all the product features, it will help you decide which features are of the greatest value to you. Once the 30 day period is over, you will be asked to make your choice.

Are there any special requirements?

No, xlCompare is a completely independent software - it doesn't have any special requirements. You can install it on the any Windows PC.

Do you offer discounts for students?

We offer student and non-profit discounts. Just open a private discussion with us, verify your status and we will provide you with a 25% discount on the regular price. We may ask you to confirm your status with documentation, so please get ready to verify that.

Do I need to register for the Trial?

No. You don't need to register your evaluation license. Just install it and use.

Not Sure If xlCompare Can Work For You?

If you have any questions regarding xlCompare - contact us and we will try to help you.

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Is this a one-time payment?

Yes, there will be no future payments. xlCompare is sold as Permanent License, not like a subscription. You pay once and get a lifetime license.

Which payment methods are supported?

Orders are processed by our e-commerce partner, MyCommerce (Share*It) (part of the Digital River), through a secure SSL connection. It supports rich set of payment methods: All major Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, ...

How many activations do I have?

One xlCompare license allows you to use the software on one PC. If you plan to use xlCompare on more then 1 computer - you need a license for the every PC.

Should I order a license for my new PC?

No. If you've got new PC - you can transfer your license to this new computer. You can do it yourself in your account in the Customer Area, or send us an e-mail and we'll do it for you.

Do you have volume discounts?

Yes. If you are ordering 3 and more licenses, please contact us for a Coupon Code. We'll provide you a discount.

Is technical support included?

Yes. Free updates and unlimited technical support is included into your license. If you have any questions - contact us and you'll get prompt response in the nearest time.