Excel File Diff and Merge Utility

Get comprehensive color-coded comparison report for Excel files in a seconds

We compare and consolidate all types of excel files:

  • Accounting and Cashflow Statements
  • Business Templates
  • Data Analysis Spreadsheets and Financials Models
  • Budget, Loan and other Calculators
  • Invoices and Price lists
  • To Do lists and Checklists
  • Application Logs, CSV and Text Files (Tab, Comma, Space and custom delimited)
  • and more ...
We offer data-specific algoritms, designed for the various types of Excel files

Compare two excel files by viewing them side by side

xlCompare gives you the best comparison report for your excel files by using side-by-side layout.

15 years on the market!

With a team consists of industry experts we developed a powerful and reliable tool to bring your productivity to the highest level.

Extremely fast on the large Excel files

100Mb files with 1 million of rows are compared in several seconds.

Diff and Merge Tool for Version Control

Integrate xlCompare into any SVN or GIT system using command line mode as an external diff and merge tools for XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLA, XLAM, CSV and TXT(text) files.

Available in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Chinese (will be published soon)

xlCompare processes all cells and Visual Basic projects and reports you all differences found between your excel files.

Get your job done in a few seconds!

Compare Excel Files in 3 clicks with xlCompare
Open Files In Excel Compare

Do not spend you time learning the product. Just install it and use. Save your time and increase productivity!

Update Excel File with records from another table in single click
Merge Files Wizard in Excel Compare

xlCompare compares records in both workbooks and update your database with rows from other file


xlCompare is an Ultimate Tool for Excel File Comparison

The Benefits of xlCompare

There are dozens of useful features and advantages Excel Compare Tool offers. Armed with them you will quickly do all spreadsheet comparison and merging tasks you experience on the daily basis!

Compare Excel Files

Compare your version of Excel file with version of your co-worker and merge changes.
Comparison Report

Detect cell and structural differences. Show differences in the form of Color Coded Report.
Merge Excel Workbooks

Merge cell values and formulas, VBA forms and macros between Excel Files with easy to use commands.
Combine Excel Worksheets

Combine several excel worksheets into one in single click. Join and intersect Excel Tables. Find and Remove Duplicates.
Excel Diff Viewer

Integrate xlCompare as diff-viewer application into your SVN\GIT environment.
Export Report

Save color coded Comparison Summary in the XLSX or PDF file and send to your co-worker.

Look how xlCompare works on the real examples. The page below contains examples of the most common tasks solved with Excel Compare Utility.

Compare two Price Lists for differences and highlight changes. Format changed cells with color.

Merge several Excel worksheets into one. Combine lists with auto parts stored in the Excel worksheets into single sheet with xlCompare.

Create outlined Difference Report for modified Excel Workbook and save it as Excel File. E-mail this file colleague.

Find All Changed Cells in the Excel Worksheets

xlCompare detects changes in cell value, formula, fill, font and other formatting options and report it to you by highlighting this cell with color

Changed Values
If you've changed cells value, or it was changed after recalculation - it will be highlighted by xlCompare.
Changed Formulas
If you've changed cells value, or it was changed after recalculation - it will be highlighted by xlCompare.
Changed Formatting
xlCompare detects changes in the border, background fill, text color and font options. All cell formatting options are compared.

Find Inserted Rows and Columns

Rows and Columns are compared with corresponding ones from another worksheet. Inserted and Deleted items are marked with color and added to the comparison report.

Align Rows
Virtualy Aligned Rows
Added and Deleted Rows(Columns) are virtually inserted into another workbook to make native representation of the comparison results. Every pair of the corresponding rows are on the same places.
Merge Unique Rows
With aligned rows you see where merged unique rows will be inserted. Select range of the rows you want to insert and move them in one click on the plus icon.
Bulk Merge
Merge all changes in single click. Get your workbooks synchronized in a seconds.

Combine Several Excel Sheets into One

Compare cells on 2 or more Excel worksheets and combine them into single sheet with Merge and Bulk Merge commands.

Compare Database Tables
Merge Cells
Select range of cells you want to merge and use Merge command. All values in the corresponding sheet will be updated in one click.
Merge Unique Rows
Select rows or columns you would like to merge and press PLUS icon to add them to other worksheet. You get only records you need!
One Click Merge
Merge button combines spreadsheets in a without selecting differences one by one. One mouse click and few seconds - your worksheets are combined into one.

Display Formatted Difference Report

xlCompare displays updated cell values and formulas on the worksheet. This is the most native representation of the changes.

Display Comparison Results
Display Difference
Display Difference option gives you ability to see updated value and difference.
Focus on Changes
Sometimes updated value is not so important as difference between values. You get exactly what you need.
Unique Feature
This feature is possible only in the xlCompare. It is not possible in the software based on the Excel application.

Save Color Coded Comparison Report

Get Comparison Report for your worksheets and save it to the PDF format with extended formatting options.

Export To PDF
Save as PDF
Ideal for presentations. Save color formatted cells with their corresponding values or differences.
Save as XLSX
Save Comparison Summary for future use, or to send it to co-worker.
Save as HTML
Use all power of the HTML language to create presentation for compared data.

Visualized Difference Representation

When Comparison Report is active - differences are synchronized with worksheet contents.

xlCompare:Scrollbars with Difference Map
Scrollbar Marks
Changed Cells and Unique Rows are reflected on the scrollbars with colors marks.
Worksheet Tabs
Count of differences on the every worksheet is added to sheet name as suffix.
Hide Equal Sheets
Equal and excluded from comparison sheets are hidden from the Comparison Report.

Highlight and Remove Duplicates in Excel Tables

Number of commands, you can use to Filter, Highlight and Remove Duplicate Records.

xlCompare:Highlight Duplicates
Highlight Duplicates
Highlight equal (duplicate) rows (keys) with color.
Filter Duplicates
Display only duplicate rows. Unique rows are hidden.
Remove Duplicates
Delete duplicate rows on the worksheet.

Filter Comparison Results

After you have comparison results, you can filter them to print\save or copy to other application.

xlCompare:Filter Rows
Only Unique Rows
Leave only unique rows on screen.
Only Equal Rows
Leave only rows without modification.
Changed and Equal Rows
Hide unique rows and display only changed and equal ones.

Bulk Merge and Undo commands

One click mass operations are essential part of the software, designed to save time and increase productivity.

If you are working with a big datasets:
  • Database lists
  • Price lists
  • Accounting statements
  • LOG files
  • CSV files
You needs in quick and powerful merge commands which allows to manipulate whole worksheets.
xlCompare gives you Bulk Merge Operations - you can resolve all conflicts found by comparison in single click. This greately increases your productivity if you are working with large amount of data.
Bulk merge command
Merge MINE into THEIR
Reflect all changes made in MINE file in the THEIR's one.
Merge THEIR into MINE
Copy all changes from THEIR worksheet into MINE.
Undo Merge
Restore original values if you've made a mistake in merge.

Filter data you want to compare

Reduce comparison noise by selecting cell and formatting options included into comparison

Define comparison strategy which is most suitable for the data you have

Options Comparison
Exclude Hidden Rows
Hide rows or columns and this data will be excluded from comparison.
Calculated Values
If you are not interested in the calculated cells - exclude them and compare only formulas.
Ignore Formatting
Very often cell formatting produce comparison noise. You can ignore it.

Compare Visual Basic Modules, Forms and Controls

Detailed comparison of the contents of VB Projects in your workbooks. Compare changes in the Class and Code Modules and Form Controls.

A must have tool for VBA developers!

Compare VBA Projects in Excel Files
Modified Code
xlCompare finds changes in the VBA Modules and displays them with color formatting.
Changed Form Controls
If you've modified form control - it will be detected and displayed by xlCompare.
Merge Projects
Fast and Easy to use commands to merge changes found in the VBA Code and Form Controls. Resolve conflicted modifications just in a few clicks!

From the fist looks VBA projects are text files, and can be compared like them. Yes, sure you can use this method. But we are using function level comparison method. Changes are detected on the function level. This gives better and accurate results. xlCompare gives you a powerful tool which can do all you need for Visual Basic code comparison and merging.

xlCompare is an ultimate spreadsheet comparator utility for a VBA developers and programmers who work in the team environment.

Compare and Merge VBA Forms

Compare and Merge VB Forms and Controls in a visual, native form. Just in a few clicks you get all changes applyed to specific form.

Compare Visual Basic Forms
Merge Forms
If you have new VBA Form in one book, xlCompare will move it to other file.
Merge Controls
Your co-worked added new control - one click and it is added to your version.
Merge Properties
You've changed control background color on control - xlCompare will merge it into common version.

xlCompare has own Visual Basic Form editor.

You see all controls on the Form including hidden ones.

This gives ability to display contents of the Form in it's native way. You see form exactly as it looks in Excel application. All form controls are combined into hierarchcal tree structure - you can see it in the top-left pane of the editor. Properties of the selected control (Name, Font, Colors, Tab Index, Size and Position, ...) are below tree control in the list.

xlCompare is the most complete comparison utility for Visual Basic Projects

xlCompare processes not only Code Modules in the VB Project, but the Form objects also. It detects:

  • New and Removed Code Modules
  • New and Removed Class Modules
  • New and Removed Form Objects
  • New and Removed Controls on the Forms
  • New and Removed properties on the Forms

Diff Viewer for Version Control Applications

2 and 3-Way Comparison options with set of command line options allows to integrate xlCompare into Source Control System as Diff Viewer and Merge Tool.

Compare Files with Common Base Version
Use 3-Way comparison mode to compare changes made by you and your co-worker in the same version of workbook.
Resolve Merge Conflicts
One of the most complex version control tasks with Excel Workbooks - is to resolve conflicts between different versions of the same workbook. xlCompare compares 3 versions of Excel workbook - YOUR, BASE and THEIR and gives you comprehensive report of the changes made, with ability to merge changes and resolve conflicts.
External Difference Viewer for SVN\GIT Tools
We offer rich set of the command line options, which cover requirements of the SVN\GIT Applications.
3-Way Comparison

Resolve conflicts between different versions of same workbook

When working in the multi-user environment conflicted changes are often happen. Few seconds and you resolve them with xlCompare.

Resolve Conflicts
Visual Representation
All differences are marked with colors exactly in the workbook. Conflicts has red color to be more highlighted then other diffs.
Synchronized Rows
Inserted\Deleted rows are virtually inserted into same place in the corresponding workbook. This gives native look for the modified worksheets.
In-place Toolip Report
Put cursor over the colored cell to get detailed report about the changes made.

Typical users cases for Excel File comparison

solved with xlCompare

Here you find a solution for various spreadsheet comparison tasks you may encounter

Case #1

I need a excel diff tool that will compare two large excel sheets (about 330k records vs 370k records) and put results into other worksheet. It should contain only rows in the larger file that are not in the smaller file, based on the selected field.

The Solution:

From your description we see that you need to get the difference between two datasets. Difference is a records from one sheet which are not present on the another worksheet. xlCompare has a command developed for this operation, so you can get the results just in a few clicks.
We would like to note, that 300k-500k is not a big dataset for xlCompare. We are working with 1m+ worksheets (more than one million of rows).
Please, do the folowing:

1 Drop bigger file into Left Panel (FILE1)

2 Drop smaller file into Right Panel (FILE2)

After this you see both worksheets opened one versus one

3 Press Compare button on the Home tab.

It shows you the Comparison Wizard. If your excel workbooks contain several sheets - make sure that sheets are selected by pairs properly. In this wizard you can modify the selection. But usually you can just complete the Wizard immediately without any additional actions.

4 Now you have color coded comparison report with highlighted unique rows and changed cells.

5 Use the Bulk Merge command below the report. This command opens Merge Wizard where you need to select desired operation you would like to perform with your datasets.

6 Choose Create Difference of Two Tables on the Left Sheet. Thats All! After you run this command in a few seconds you get records from the bigger sheet on the left.

Now you can work with the output dataset. As you've stated in the description - you need a third worksheet with output records. So, please use the Save As command to save a copy of the output worksheet, without modifying your bigger file.
Conclusion: Just in 6 clicks and a few seconds you'e got the results. As you see xlCompare is not just a spreadsheet comparator - it performs much more operations, than usual excel comparison tool.

Case #2

Our company has an Excel File with 20 worksheets. All these worksheets are linked with formulas and references for for calculations and for data. In some sheets we are using external references to get data from other excel file. So, this main book depends from other excel workbooks. Workbook has many formulas, defined names and references. Sometimes we save all workbooks and update the source files to do the calculations for the current period.

How to tracks all modifications in excel files and compare if source file data was updated properly in the final workbook. We want to compare the data and track all cells that was updated.

The Solution:

You can use Excel Compare to find differences (updated cells) in your excel files. In a few clicks you get a comparison report for your workbooks.
Difference Explorer shows list of changes found in your workbooks grouped by sheets and by address, so you can track all changes using this list. Go through all data record by record and check if all changes are correct. When you select record in the Diff Explorer Window xlCompare points you to actual worksheet cells that was changed.
You can mark all changed cells with color to analyze all modification later. Or to present changed input values and formulas to your colleague.
Export comparison summary in the XLSX format to send it to your co-worker so he can review your report and check the changes made.
Conclusion: Our Excel Compare Tool gives you a powerful solution for the tasks you experince in your everyday work.

Case #3

I have one main folder containing the data of every month that goes by. The number of files I have will continually grow overtime. I would like to have all of these merged into a table in one main file.

The Solution:

Solution for this case and similer another one we've placed into article below. Read it to get detailed instruction on how to consolidate values in two Excel sheet with excel file compare tool.

Case #4

I would like to compare two excel files, that has many worksheets and merge them in the one base file. These are not shared workbook, but our workers have modified and saved it under different names.

The Solution:

This case has various solutions with xlCompare, two of them are described in the article below.

Compare Two Excel Files Online

Here we discuss online excel file comparators

Is it possible to compare excel files online? Yes, sure. There is nothing impossible, but if you have a large excel worksheets you would like to compare or if excel file is confidential - this job is not for online comparators. We describe situation with desktop mode and online spreadsheet comparison in the page below:

Compare and Consilidate Delimited Text Files

Look into this article if you are working with tables saved in a form of text (TXT) files

Some if a applications give you table data in a form of the text file, where values are delimited with comma, space, tab or any other characters. This is various types of application logs, exported transactions, finacial statements and other data. It can't be procced by a usual text comparator. We offer you xlCompare as a text file comparison tool for table type data. Article below describes options you can use to open and compare text files, delimited with specific character, in the xlCompare:

What is the Best Excel Compare Tool?

You've found several excel comparators on the web - which one is the best of them.

There are some reviews on the web, which compares excel file comparison utilities and their functions. In the page below we describe typical reviews and give you our opinion about this ratings.

How to Activate xlCompare on your PC

After you order xlCompare license our server IMMEDIATE sends you license information. In the page below you find simple step-by-step instruction on how to activate the product.

Excel Spreadsheet Comparison In Detail

Get more information about comparison process. How we compare excel files for differences, which types of excel files are processed and which operations xlCompare performs to deliver you best comparison results.

How to consolidate and update excel files and what do you need for this. Read about this process in detail.

Compare 2 excel columns for differences and get the outlined report with explanation for the every found difference. More information is in the article below.

How xlCompare Works

See how xlCompare works on the real examples. Visit this page to find detailed explanation of solving various tasks with xlCompare.

Video Tutorial for Excel Compare

We've created a short video to show you how to open excel files and compare worksheets for differences. In addition in this video we discuss Primary Keys and how to setup them on the worksheet columns and rows.

Privacy Statement

In the Privacy Policy page we explain Spreadsheet Tools End User License Agreement and other privacy aspects.

Need Our Help?

If you have any questions regarding xlCompare, please contact us and we will give you a prompt response.

Spreadsheet Tools on Youtube

We've started publishing videos on the Youtube service, to show how to use xlCompare to compare Excel files for differences.

Ask, your questions directly in the comments, to share common questions with other users.

Please, visit out channel to get additional information about the product.

F.A.Q. Options and Commands

What is Extended View?

This is an important feature, which displays cell value(formula) and the corresponding value in same cell. With this option turned ON (default selection), you won’t need to search for the corresponding value on the other panel. It greatly saves your time and increases the usability of the Comparison Report.

I need to see the Difference between changed values.

The Option Display Difference activates the feature you need in the Extended View mode. With this option enabled, you can see difference between value in the MINE cell and value in the THEIR cell. The Colored Arrow mark indicates an increase or decrease in the value.

Can I save the report I see in the Extended View?

Yes, sure. You can export this report in a PDF format for future use. For example, you can print it or send to your co-worker.

Does xlCompare find differences in formulas?

Yes. xlCompare finds differences in the text of formulas, and the text of an array formula. However, if you don't need to compare formulas, you can exclude this in the options. xlCompare gives you a rich set of options to control what you are searching for. You can compare:

  • All worksheet data
  • Only constant cells
  • Only calculated cells
  • Only text of formula
  • Only value of formula
  • Combination of the options above

How to identify differences, found between my worksheets?

All differences are listed in the Difference Explorer report. When you select difference in this list - xlCompare will activate it in the Worksheet\VBA Panel.

All unique rows and changed cells are marked with color - background, text color and border. Formatting in the equal cells will not be changed.

Can I ignore hidden rows and columns?

Yes.xlCompare has an option to exclude hidden rows and columns from the comparison. If your worksheet has data you want to exclude, hide it and run the comparison. This is one of the methods to reduce comparison noise.

How to save the Comparison Report to present it to colleagues?

There are two options. You can print the Comparison Report exactly as it looks with all formatting into the PDF format, or use the Export button, with the PDF icon in the Difference Explorer.

Export PDF Report

It opens Print Preview window, where you can preview your report, change printing options – put all columns on one page, align printout, etc. and save it on disk.

This report perfectly presents all differences, found between Excel Worksheets.

PDF Report

Other option – Summary Report button in the Difference Explorer.

Summary Report

This command generates an outlined report, which contains all items you have in the Difference Explorer. It doesn’t display modifications in-place, like a previous PDF report, but it gives you a complete summary of the comparison done.

Choose one of the following formats to save this report:

  • XLSX
  • HTML
  • Text

Or just copy it to clipboard and paste it into e-mail or another application.

Why xlCompare has a number of unique features,
you can't find in other software?

xlCompare is based on the own Spreadsheet Core engine. So, we can offer you features which are not present in the software based on the Microsoft Excel Application.

Increase your productivity with Excel Compare

If you are working with Price List, Accounting Statement or complex Financials Model, xlCompare has options and algorithms for the every type of data. Update and Merge tables in a seconds using 1 click commands. Filter new or changed records, remove or highlight redundant records - xlCompare has all functions you need.

Create outlined Difference Report with this Excel File Compare Tool. Export report as PDF and send it to co-worker.

Combine contents of the several Excel sheets into one worksheet in a few clicks with maximum accuracy.

For Excel Developer we offer formula comparison and debugging commands. You will quickly find differences between 2 versions of your workbook and trace and debug calculations in your spreadsheet. Formula Auditing Tool will save you a lot of working time, spent for drilling into dependencies in your workbook.

Integrate xlCompare into your SVN\GIT environment using command line mode.

Conclusion: xlCompare has all you need to work much faster!