Merge Excel Tables in Single Click

One of the most common tasks - gather information stored on 2 Excel Worksheets into the single table. For example price lists from different vendors, customer lists, etc. Excel Workbooks are widely used to store various information, so merging different tables, possible with different structure is one of the typical tasks.
There are a few methods to get the results. Manual method is not an option. If your table has 10 records - you don't need a specific tool for this. But if your sheet has several thousands of rows - manual work is just a wasting a time.
In this article we'll describe, how to join 2 worksheets with xlCompare in a seconds.
Let's imagine, you have 2 Excel files, which you've already opened in xlCompare.

Our task is to add all updated values from the right table into the left one.

Now use Compare button on the Main tab to the comparison results.
In the general case you should not do any additional actions - one click is enough. Additional work is needed only if your data tables have different structure, which should be adjusted.
You get the highlighted comparison report like this one:
Merge Tables Results
The most important part - Difference Explorer. In this window you can review and browse all found differences.
Now you know exactly - what you have to merge
All of the updated and new records are highlighted with color on the worksheets. Comparison Summary - count of the new and updated records is in the Difference Explorer.
Select Root node in the difference explorer and use Bulk Merge command highlighted on the image below.
Merge Tables Command
It applies every change, made into the right worksheet, to the left one.
Now xlCompare looks like this:
Merge Tables Finish
Every new row in the right worksheet is inserted into the left sheet. And every updated value in the right sheet is copied to the left sheet.
To validate the results, we close Difference Explorer and run the comparison again. Now xlCompare shows only new records on the left sheet.
Merge Tables Validation


As you can see, xlCompare merges all records in single click. Multiple worksheets and millions of records is not a problem.

xlCompare saves you hours of time and does routine work for you

Version: 9.2.8
Size: 5.5 Mb
Published: February 19, 2021