How Excel Compare displays difference in the cell values

Visual indication of the modified cells is one of the primary aspects of the worksheet comparison. By default, xlCompare marks changed cells with orange color, that identifies modified cell within other cells on the worksheet.
In addition to this we have an option Extended View, that shows modified value below original one in the same cell.
Look into the image below:
Excel Compare: original and modified values in same cell
Highlighted cell displays original value and edited value in the same cell.
With this mode you don’t need to look into other panel to find the corresponding value.
On the image below you see how this cell looks with Extended View option turned OFF.
Excel Compare: only original values is shown
Now every cell contains only its own value.

Where to enable or disable Extended View mode?

Go to the Options using command on the Home tab on the Ribbon.
Excel Compare: Options button on the ribbon
There is Extended View option on the General page. It enables or disables this view.
Excel Compare: General page of the options window
In addition to Extended View option we would like to point you to the next one – Display Difference. It displays difference between modified cells in the same cells.
Look into the next image. It is the same worksheet as above, but with enabled option Display Difference.
Excel Compare: Display Difference in the same cell
Every edited cell displays difference between its value and the modified value.
If you are comparing quantity or values in the accounting statement – you may find it useful to see the difference immediately.
The Extended View option is enabled by default. If you prefer the classic worksheet view – you can turn it OFF in the Options.