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Spreadsheet Tools is a software development company, focused on the spreadsheet applications.
We are team of professionals, with 25+ years of experiense in programming and software development.
Spreadsheet Tools started its business in 2006 with Dependency Auditor add-in, that extends Microsoft Excel with ability to explore calculations logic in depth.
Next project was Spreadsheet Core - spreadsheet engine, compatible with Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheet Core supports most of the worksheet functions, VBA macros and other spreadsheet features.
This core module gives us ability to create spreadsheet applications with different functionality.
Spreadsheet Core is a basis for our primary products - xlCompare and xlCompiler.


In 2009 we've filled a gap in Excel and published xlCompare.
Tool, that compares Microsoft Excel files for matches and differences, creates comparison reports and merges Excel files.
xlCompare supports command line options and works as Git diff and merge tool for Excel and CSV files.
From that time xlCompare became one of the leaders of spreadsheet comparison tools.
xlCompare is continuously improved. This project receives an updates and new features every month.
This is more than just a spreadsheet compare tool - xlCompare is a saved working time and efforts.


This is spreadsheet compiler that converts Excel workbook into application with copy protection options.
Application, created by xlCompiler is completely standalone and doesn't require Microsoft Excel to be installed on the target computer.
This tool gives ability to software developers, who use Excel to create their applications, to protect calculations and logic of their software. And to distribute the application with copy protection optoins, such as Activation Key, based on Hardware Serial, End User License Agreemnt and more ...

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide flexible and reliable solutions, that fully satisfy our customers' needs. We are continuously improving our products, implementing new features and suggestions from our customers.
Spreadsheet Tools is more than 15 years in the software development business. Our applications work on the thousands of computers around the world.
We value every our customer!


Spreadsheet Tools is headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine.

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