Frequently asked questions

We are working on the xlCompare every day, so features present in the software constantly grows. The more features we add - the more questions appear. Hope, this topic will cover all possible questions.
We suggest you to send us your questions about xlCompare. This helps us to make the software better and give you robust tool for everyday use!

FAQ: Options and Commands

What is Extended View?

This is an important feature, which displays cell value(formula) and the corresponding value in same cell. With this option turned ON (default selection), you won’t need to search for the corresponding value on the other panel. It greatly saves your time and increases the usability of the Comparison Report.

I need to see the Difference between changed values.

The Option Display Difference activates the feature you need in the Extended View mode. With this option enabled, you can see difference between value in the MINE cell and value in the THEIR cell. The Colored Arrow mark indicates an increase or decrease in the value.

Can I save the report I see in the Extended View?

Yes, sure. You can export this report in a PDF format for future use. For example, you can print it or send to your co-worker.

Does xlCompare find differences in formulas?

Yes. xlCompare finds differences in the text of formulas, and the text of an array formula. However, if you don't need to compare formulas, you can exclude this in the options. xlCompare gives you a rich set of options to control what you are searching for. You can compare:
  • All worksheet data
  • Only constant cells
  • Only calculated cells
  • Only text of formula
  • Only value of formula
  • Combination of the options above

How to identify differences, found between two Excel worksheets?

All differences are listed in the Difference Explorer report. When you select difference in this list - xlCompare will activate it in the Worksheet\VBA Panel.
All unique rows and changed cells are marked with color - background, text color and border. Formatting in the equal cells will not be changed.

Can I ignore hidden rows and columns?

Yes.xlCompare has an option to exclude hidden rows and columns from the comparison. If your worksheet has data you want to exclude, hide it and run the comparison. This is one of the methods to reduce comparison noise.

How to save the Comparison Report to present it to colleagues?

There are two options. You can print the Comparison Report exactly as it looks with all formatting into the PDF format, or use the Export button, with the PDF icon in the Difference Explorer.
Export PDF Report
It opens Print Preview window, where you can preview your report, change printing options – put all columns on one page, align printout, etc. and save it on disk.
This report perfectly presents all differences, found between Excel Worksheets.
PDF Report
Other option – Summary Report button in the Difference Explorer.
Summary Report
This command generates an outlined report, which contains all items you have in the Difference Explorer. It doesn’t display modifications in-place, like a previous PDF report, but it gives you a complete summary of the comparison done.
Choose one of the following formats to save this report:
  • XLSX
  • HTML
  • Text
Or just copy it to clipboard and paste it into e-mail or another application.

F.A.Q. General

What is xlCompare?

xlCompare is Excel Workbook Comparison Tool, that helps you to find and merge differences between Excel worksheets, tables and Visual Basic Modules. xlCompare checks all parts of your workbook: constant cells, formulas, array formulas, cells formatting and VBA Forms and Modules.

How the differences are highlighted?

Every highlighted cell with difference gets new text color, fill color and border.

Is the highlighting permanent?

No. xlCompare doesn't change original formatting. Difference Report you see is virtual. If you need to format changed cells with color - use Mark Changes command in the Difference Explorer.

Where is Difference Explorer?

After comparison is completed Difference Explorer appears below worksheet panels.

How to compare two Excel worksheets?

This requires a few clicks:

  • Drop one workbook into the left sheet
  • Drop another book into the right panel
  • Press Compare button
  • In the opened Comparison Wizard select worksheets you want to compare and uncheck sheet you don't need
  • Press Compare button in the Wizard
  • Thats all. xlCompare shows you Comparison Report
Is it possible to Print of Export Sheets with Formatting?

Yes sure! Use Print command in the Difference Explorer to export compared data with color formatting into PDF file ro to send it to printer.
Remember - color formatting is virtual. xlCompare doesn't change your workbook, whithout your command!

How to Save Workbook?

Use Save command above the worksheet. To save a copy of the file use Save As command. xlCompare saves book in the Excel format. XLS file is saved as XLS, XLSX as XLSX. Format of the original workbook is not changed.

I want to get previous version of my workbook

It is highly important to perform saving operation safely to aviod data loss. The most common technique, widely used by all applications, is to create backup file before it is saved. When saving is successfully completed application deletes backup file.

xlCompare uses this way also. The only difference - backup file is not deleted after saving. So, you can get access to the previous verson of your workbook.

Where backup is created?

Open My Documents folder on your PC. There is a xlCompare subfolder. In this subfolder you can find the next one - Backup. This is the folder where all backup files are stored:

Documents | xlCompare | Backup

How to identify the workbook in this folder? This is easy. Backup file is create with it's original name. xlCompare adds data and time of the backup creation to the file name. So, if you've saved Loan Calculator.xlsx on the 05/12/2020 at 13:07:45, the backup file is - Loan Calculator.2020-05-12 13-07-45.xlsx.

If something goes wrong and you need to restore original file - you can find it in the backup folder.

You are protected from the data loss, when you are using xlCompare!

F.A.Q. Activation

I've placed an order for xlCompare. How to activate my license?

After your order is processed, our server IMMEDIATE sends you an email with license information. Use it to activate Excel Compare on your PC according to this step-by-step instruction.

Activate xlCompare your PC

I've got new PC. How to transfer my license?

xlCompare license allows you to transfer purchased software to another PC. You can't use the software on 2 computers at the same time. But when you buy or restore your PC you can move you xlCompare in a minute. The procedure is very simple. Look into the page below to get step-by-step instructions:

Activate xlCompare on the other PC