Best Excel File Compare Tool

Let's talk about ratings of excel file comparators to determine which is the best

There are a number of Excel File Compare Tools on the market. Which tool is the best and how to choose the best excel diff tool?

Unfortunately there is no ideal answer for this question, because there is no clear rating for the excel comparators on the web. Most of the published reviews you can find are inactual:

  • They are several years old. This is very important. We are improving product every month, adding new features and fixing issues reported by our customers. In a several months the product makes a huge step ahead and it should receive different impression. Probably, other publishers are doing the same with their excel diff tools - every day is a small step head. All issues described in some reviews were quickly solved by our developers, but they are still present in the review and create wrong opinion on the product.
  • You can not be sure that published review is "independent" and was not published by someone, how has published own spreadsheet compare tool on the other website. This could be done with CEO purposes to increase google raninking or to publish fake aword on own website. We don't take such reviews into account and never create them for our product.
  • Sometimes minor features are introduced as unique options. Like, only our product highlights changed cell with bold font or with red color or something like this. How to make an impression about the tool in such information garbage.
  • We give you best in class tool. This is just a joke. Every publisher can define his own class and be the best in this class. Such software review is just a manipulation.

So, which excel diff and merge tool is the best? Our conclusion - there are a number of powerful tools on the marked, which are worth to try. They have different background. Most of them are Excel-based solutions. Some of them - tools, independent from Excel application. Both methods works and works good. The only thing which is common for all excel comparison tools, their purpose - generate and deliver to you best comparison results.

Conclusion: We suggest you to try several spreadsheet comparators and find which one is the best for you. May be you'll find interface in one of the applications very convenient for you or you will like comparison diff report in another one. You should try and make a selection. Most of the publishers allow to evaluate limited or full-featured versions of the software for 30-days. So you can download them and try.

We don't say that our product is the best excel compare tool. We would like you to try and make your own descision. We will be happy to see you in the list of our customers and our company is always wellcome your feedbacks and reports.