Change(clear) selection of the Primary Keys in Excel file

When xlCompare opens a file with Table or CSV file (note, xlCompare is a CSV diff tool also), it marks the first column as Primary Key. This is a default selection. Usually, the first field in the database is an identifier.
How to clear it or how to add another column to the primary key, if your worksheet contains complex primary key?

Clear Primary Keys

  1. Select the entire range on the worksheet by clicking on the top-left corner of the heading
  2. Right click on the heading and select the Standard Column menu item
clear primary keys
Now all your columns are standard. Key icon was removed from every key column.
You can do this operation on the one specific column to remove it from the Primary Key in xlCompare.

Add a column to the Primary Key

  1. Select the column you would like to add on the worksheet
  2. Right click on the heading
  3. Select Key Column command in the menu
add column to primary keys
This command adds selected column on the key as last item.