Compare and Join CSV and Text Files

Receiving data in a form of tab, space, semicolon delimited text files?

Excel workbooks is not a limited area where Excel Compare can be applied. The product is much more useful than you can expect. We compare spreadsheet-like data in the every possible form. Algorithms applied to differently stored spreadsheets are the same, so we extend application area to various data types.
xlCompare compares and consolidates Text Files delimited with:
  • Tab
  • Space
  • Colon
  • Semicolon
  • Any Custom String
Text file is opened and parsed by xlCompare as a usual Excel Workbook (XLSX) file. You are getting your data divided into cells for a most suitable interaction. You work with Worksheet, while behind the User Interface, this is a text file on your hard drive or in the cloud.
Text and CSV File Comparison Wizard in xlCompare
All of these parameters you can change in the Application Options:
Text and CSV File Import Options in Excel Compare
For the text files compared, Excel Compare gives you exactly the same color-coded diff report with highlighted differences and abilities to consolidate and sort records.
Filtering commands to separate:
  • Unique Rows (Records)
  • Modified Rows (Records)
  • Exactly Matched Rows (Records)
Bulk Merge Commands to consilidate 2 text files with data records into single list:
  • Copy all new records from File1 to File2 (Left File to Right and Right File to Left)
  • Create Union of the Compared Lists (Consolidate Two Text Files)
  • Create Difference of the Text Files (Extract Data Records which doesn't have matched record in the other Text File)
This list is not complete, our Excel Compare Tools has long list of features, which is constantly extended. Because our purpose is to create best excel comparison tool for you!
Comparison and Consolidation(Merge) Commands is not the only features we offer for TXT and CSV Files. Very often you get data in the raw format with extra spaces and extra characters. For this case we have for you 10+ time saving commands:
  • Convert Text To Numbers
  • Trim Strings in Worksheet Cells
  • Join Columns
  • And more ...
If TXT and CSV files is the data you are working with - you find our excel file matching v1.2 tool extremely useful!