Using Extended View - display differences in the Comparison Report

Extended View mode in the xlCompare has a sub-mode: Display Differences. With this option turned ON, xlCompare displays cell value and difference between it's value and the corresponding one.
Look at the screenshot below:
xlCompare:Extended View
Every updated cell (has yellow background) displays 2 values: original value and difference with updated value from another worksheet.
Green arrow icon indicates, that difference is positive, i.e. this value is greater than corresponding one.
If arrow icon is Red - difference is negative, i.e. this value is less than corresponding one.
This option (Display Difference) is enabled by default. However you can turn it OFF in menu.
How to enable\disable this mode?
View | Options | Display Difference menu command and appropriate button on the menu bar (in the red square on the screenshot below) enables or disables this mode. You can change the option when you have the comparison results on the screen.
This option is stored and on the next run xlCompare will use previous value.
xlCompare:How to enable Extended View | Display Difference

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