Excel Compare the most quick and accurate Excel comparison tool

Many Excel users performs excel spreadsheet comparison operations on the daily basis. This operation may take hours and be too complex if you are working with large and complex excel workbooks.

xlCompare decreases this time to seconds! Even workbooks which have several Mb in size is compared in a seconds. This fast Excel comparison tool finds all differences and show it to you using Difference Browser Window. This is easy-to-use navigation feature, which allows you to quickly review differences and merge the one's you need:

Let's do a short trip by xlCompare features:

We'll show you which beneftis you'll get by using our software.

10+ Time Saving functions

xlCompare gives you set of commands to:

Extended View mode

This feature displays updated cell values on the worksheet. This is the most native representation of the changes.

More information you can find in this article: Using Extended Mode.

On the screenshot above you can see this feature in the action. Under every updated cell xlCompare displays difference between cell value and the corresponding one.

Bulk Merge and Undo commands

xlCompare gives you Bulk operations - you can resolve all conflicts found by comparison in single click. This greately increases your productivity if you are working with large amount of data.

Color-coded comparison report

As a result of the comparison operation you get color-coded comparison report. It looks like original workbook in Excel. You can work with it like you are working with Excel workbook.

Compare VBA Macros, Forms and Controls

There is a significant gap in the usual workbook comparison tools - they doesn't process Forms and Controls in the Visual Basic Projects. xlCompare fixes this and performs complete comparison of the VB Projects.

Easy to use merge commands

xlCompare has the same merge interface for all types of differences. In single click you can resolve difference, or undo previously merged item. If you need to merge many differences at once, please use Bulk Merge commands.

Integration with version control systems

xlCompare has Command Line mode. You can use it to integrate xlCompare into any external application. If you are using version control system, xlCompare could be a part of it to resolve conflicts between different Excel workbooks.

Prompt support and quick updates

If you have any questions, please Contact us. Our team works on the xlCompare project every day. We publish every feature immediately, when it is ready. If you need a feature which is not present in the software - we'll implement it and delivery to you ASAP.

Excel Compare is a powerful and handy utility! Visit Download Excel Compare page to try it now.