Features and Options

On this page we've published solution features and options, grouped in a form of checklist for your convenience

Breakdown of the software capabilities grouped in single list

General Solution Features and Options

Compare Worksheets
Support and Compare Database Tables
1-To-1 Comparison Mode
Command Line Options
Compare very large files
Multiple Filtering Options
Options for specific worksheet
Compare Visual Basic Code
Compare Visual Basic Form
SVN Integration
VBA automation
Color Coded Difference Report
Export Comparison Report
Easy To Use Update Commands
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What makes your work with xlCompare comfortable

Completely independent from Excel
Parallel scrolling in both opened worksheets
Highlight Differences with Color
Multiple Filtering Options
Number of Comparison Algorithms
Quick access to Recent Comparisons
Show or Hide Difference Types
Command Line Options
Compare Visual Basic Projects
Create Color Coded Difference Reports
Create Outlined Reports
Save Diff Report into PDF format
Seamless workflow with one interface
Select data to be compared
Setting Accuracy Value for the comparison
Compare Multiple Worksheets at once
On-line User Manual
Individual Comparison Options for each Worksheet
Automatic update (merge) for the found differences
Exclude characters from comparison

What can be customized in the Excel File Compare

Color Coding for formatting differences in the Comparison Report
Interface Layout
Comparison Templates (algorithms)
Filters and Options
Comparison Accuracy
Ignored characters

Differences detected by Excel File Compare

Entered Values
Calculated Values (result of the formula)
Formula Text (including array formulas)
Added and Removed Rows (unique rows)
Added and Removed Columns (unique columns)
Added and Removed Worksheets
Added and Removed VBA Modules
Added and Removed VBA Forms
Worksheet Names
Duplicate Records
Defined Names
Excel Tables
Worksheet Shapes
External Links
Visual Basic Code
Visual Basic Form Controls
Cell Background Color
Cell Number Formatting
Cell Text Alignment
Font Name
Fonst Size (Height)
Font Color (Text Color)
Font Styles
Font Underline
Font Strike
Font super and subscripts
Cell Border
Cell Border Colors (Interior)
Cell Protection
Cell Comments

Which Differences you can merge with Excel File Compare

Update single Difference
Bulk update for a group of Differences
Entered Values (Constant Cells)
Formula Text (Calculated Values)
New and Deleted Rows
New and Deleted Columns
Redundant Records
Defined Names
Cell Background Color
Cell Number Formatting
Cell Alignment
Font Name
Font Style
Font Size
Font Color (Cell Text Color)
Font Underline
Font Strike
Font Subscript and Suprtscript
Cell Border
Cell Border Color
Cell Comments
Added and Removed Worksheets
Added and Removed VBA Modules
Added and Removed VBA Forms
Added and Removed VBA Controls
Changes in the VBA Code
Changed properties of the Form Controls
External Links


Our product gives you rich set of features and options and this list continuously grows. Every day our developers work on the new features and improve the existing ones!

Can our Excel File Compare Tool solve the tasks you have?

This long features list grouped into categories should help you to make a descision

Here we give you an extended summary for the most common software characteristics, you can find in various software reviews on the Internet websites, where editors tries to find the best excel comparison software. Existing reviews are the mostly inactual, as they were created 5+ years ago. On this page we give you actual information for the current version of xlCompare. The list of xlCompare features constantly grows, every day we work on the new features and improve existing ones.

Our purpose is to deliver you best excel comparison tool, you can use on the daily basis

Getting Started
Is it easy to start using xlCompare to compare excel files and databases for differences?

xlCompare has intuitive interface adopted for comparison tasks. 2-panel layout gives you native representation for the compared worksheets and for the difference report.
User Experience
How xlCompare is convenient to work with?

In additional to perfect and intuitive interface, xlCompare has continuosly updated on-line Help Library and FAQ section. Application interface to designed implement "launch and use" principe.
Speed and Capacity ...
How xlCompare fast on working with large files and how fast it identifies and updates the differences

xlCompare is extremely fast on the large Excel workbooks. It opens big XLSM files faster then Excel application and compares 1 million of rows in just a few seconds. So, this is the most powerful product on the market. Our development team works on this aspect on the regular basis.
Feature and Options ...
Which features and options are present and what can be customized

xlCompare gives you rich set of options to filter compared values - cell values, cell formatting, accuracy, ignored characters and comparison algorithms. Also, you can customize difference highlight formatting and to make the diff report look as you want.
Result Display ...
How clear comparison results are delivered and are they easy to understand

In this component xlCompare is on the top of other products. In addition to color highlighting (present in the most comparators), we provide trending arrows, corresponding value and difference, aligned rows, and more ... These features are not possible in the Excel-based solution.
Use and Apply the Results ...
How to update the comparison results, to synchronize your worksheets

xlCompare gives you easy to use merge commands to update your worksheets one by one or run a bulk update for a group of differences. EVERY found difference is updated. xlCompare is the most complete software to merge Excel files in the automatic or manual way.


In all of the positions above xlCompare is the most complete and fast solution. Try it yourself to see how it works!