Use xlCompare to compare Excel files

Excel workbooks and CSV files are widely used as various reports, templates, pricelists, ... If your daily tasks require comparing Excel workbooks, it is highly important to quickly get accurate comparison results and handle them.
Put your focus into important business tasks, while xlCompare does the routine job for you!

In short advantages of xlCompare are the following:

  • Compare large workbooks in a seconds. Excel File Compare is extremely fast on the large Excel and CSV files. This significantly increases your productivity.
  • Permanent License. Pay once and update and use xlCompare forever. Free 24/7 technical support.
  • xlCompare detects "added", "deleted" and changed data. This is not usual cell-by-cell comparison. Compare "mixed" and unsorted lists of data and get correct results. Select different comparison algorithms for Database data and Excel worksheets with formulas.
  • Comparison results look exactly in the same way as in the Excel window. xlCompare is the only tool on the market which has such visual representation of the comparison results. Example of the comparison results you can find on the screenshot below.
  • Display difference between compared values or corresponding value directly in the cell.
  • Compare all contents of the workbooks or single sheets or VBA Modules.
  • Compare data with different structure.
  • xlCompare has a number of advanced features to mark differences in workbook, to export differences, to edit data in the comparison report window.
  • Create intersection of the compared worksheets.
  • Extract unique or equal records.
  • Set of Database commands to filter duplicated rows and keys.
  • Export or Print comparison report.
  • Merge cells one by one, or use bulk merge commands to update workbooks in a single click.
  • Merge several Excel files into one.
  • Merge several worksheets in one Excel file into one and exclude duplicate records.
  • xlCompare has commands for drill-down tracing of the calculations. Use it to debug calculations and research errors in your formulas.
  • Use xlCompare from the Command Line to compare XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, CSV files.
  • Automate you tasks with Visual Basic macro.

Which Excel file Comparison Tool is best?

You can find 5 or more Excel file comparison tools on the web. All of them are solve same primary task - compare Excel files and CSV(TXT) files. xlCompare is more than usual xlcomparator - it gives you ability to merge files, combine excel files into one, extract unique and duplicate rows and more.
Try this tool to make a choice - if this is best excel comparison tool?
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