Merge Excel Files Into One With Excel Diff Tool

Combine several excel files into single worksheet with xlCompare diff tool

Merge Excel Worksheets
xlCompare is not only xl comparator. This is a powerful application to add contents of the several excel worksheets into single one, by using spreadsheet comparison engine.
Combine Two Columns in Excel
Need to merge contents of the two columns of data on the Excel worksheet? Our excel diff tool does this work for you in a few clicks.
Feature Rich Excel File Comparator
Excel file diff tool is based on the Spreadsheet Comparison Engine, which gives us a rich number of possibilities. This is a strong and reliable basis of the xlCompare features and options. Long list of the options you can see on the Features page. We are continuously working on the improvements to give you best excel compare tool.

How to merge several excel sheets into one using xlCompare

Imagine the situation when you have several excel files you would like to combine. xlCompare is an excel diff tool that allows to merge new rows and updated cell values from one excel file into another one in single click. xlCompare has a command on the Ribbon bar for this.
Let call main file where you are going to collect records – MASTER FILE. To update it with records from the other file, you need to do the following:
1 Open MASTER FILE in the left panel and file with new records in the right panel. Please, remember – the easiest way to open file in xlCompare – drop it from Windows Explorer into the application window.
2 Now your excel files are located side by side in the excel diff tool window. Check the primary keys in your files. Every key column and key row are highlighted with an orange key icon. The selection you see is a default one. You can change it by selecting a column and calling right click menu.
3 Press Compare Button on the Home tab on the Ribbon. When your worksheets are located side-by-side in the xlCompare window, you need to compare them to get the results.
4 On this intermediate step we show you Comparison Wizard window. This is the window where you can check if all worksheets are grouped properly. By default excel worksheets to be merged are located side by side in the wizard. If you’ve received an excel files where worksheets have different names – use this wizard to give excel diff tool right selection of the merged (joined) excel worksheets.
5 When you complete this wizard you get comprehensive difference report in the main application window. Excel file diff tool highlights every found modification with color.
6 This step is optional, but it is important. Spend a few time to review the differences found. Do not merge records and values from one table to another without checking intermediate results.
7 Now press Merge Changes From Left to Right button on the ribbon. This command merges all modifications from the right excel file into the left one. Every new row is copied into the MASTER FILE and every value updated in the modified excel file is copied into the MASTER FILE.
8 After you’ve completed merge, exit for comparison report by using Close button on the Home tab on the ribbon. Also you can use red X button on the Difference Explorer panel to tell excel diff tool that it is time to close the report.
9 Drop another excel file into the right panel of the excel diff and merge tool and repeat the operation.
This process takes some time for the every step, but it gives you full control on the operations done. You see the preliminary records which will be joined into the MASTER FILE. Also, you can merge only new records and do not merge the cell values.

How to join all sheets in the one excel file

Let’s review another case – all worksheet to be joined are in the same Excel file. Records you need to have in your Excel table are in the separate worksheets in your excel workbook. xlCompare excel diff and merge tool gives you a way to combine all sheets into one in a few clicks only.
1 Drop your excel file into the excel file compare window. Now excel worksheets you are going to compare are located side-by-side. This is the best layout for the comparison application.
2 Press the Merge button on the main application window. In the Merge window you need to select MASTER worksheet which will receive new records and updated values and worksheet with new values. Here you select what you would like to merge with excel diff tool – one worksheet or several excel worksheet. You can select option to merge ALL worksheets in your excel file into the MASTER SHEET.
3 3. Complete this wizard to get all your rows and cells merged.
As you see in a few clicks all excel sheets you have in your workbook were merged into the selected sheet.

Conclusion: xlCompare is a flexible and feature rich xl comparator you can use to merge excel files into one

Just in a few clicks you get your excel files joined. This is just a one of the possible scenarios where you can use xlCompare as a diff and merge tool for excel files.
Every day our developers work on the xlCompare, adding a new features and improving existing ones. We would like to provide you more then reliable xl comparator – best excel file compare tool.
Your full satisfaction is our primary goal.