Version Control for Excel Workbooks

Version control for Excel Workbooks is not a trivial work. If you doing it manually - you have significant loss in the productivity. There are many comparison tools on the market, but not all of them are suitable for version control.
When we've started working on the xlCompare 2020, one of the primary tasks was - this utility should be used for version control for the Excel files.
What can xlCompare offer for Excel developer, who needs version control utility?
xlCompare has command line mode, which allows to integrate it with all modern version control repositories. Version Control Repositories offers you a way to store different versions of your file and manage list of changes. Typically they have own Difference Viewer utility. This works good for a text files. But, all Excel workbooks are binary files. Text comparators are not applicable in this case. You need to configure your Repository, or utility you are using to display differences for Excel workbooks (XLS, XLA, XLSM, XLSX, XLAM) using xlCompare utility.
When your version control system is configured to invoke xlCompare, you can use all power of our tool to resolve conflicts between different versions of your workbooks. Quick and accurate comparison results and easy to use merge commands performs complex operations in the seconds.
xlCompare has all you need for version control. If it doesn't meet your requirements - let us know and we'll improve it by your request.