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Overview of our product will not be complete, if we miss how xlCompare works on the real examples. If you are looking for utility to compare and merge Excel files – probably you find your case here. Whoever you are - Excel User, Spreadsheet Professional or Developer, or you are using Excel for specific tasks – we find something useful for you in xlCompare.

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Compare two Excel Sheets for Differences

The most common situation. This is primary goal of xlCompare. If you are on this website - in 90% you are looking for a tool to compare your Excel files.

We’ve created 2 price lists to show you how xlCompare finds differences in them. Price list is just an example. Worksheet of any type could be on its place:

  • Accounting Statements
  • Contact Lists
  • Sales Reports
  • Financials Models
  • And more ...

Open this page to read the full article:

Open this page to read the full article:

Merge Several Excel Worksheets into One

Very often you need to combine several lists into one. Excel file is a good way to keep various tables and datasets. So, you need an efficient and robust way to merge them.

If data is relatively small – probably you don’t need a specific utility for this. But imagine a workbook with 50 sheets and 10000+ records in each one. No one can handle this amount of data manually. You should not only copy cells, but also check rows for modifications and conflicts.

Look how xlCompare does this work:

Report Changes Between two Excel Files

You’ve received a file from your colleague, edited some formulas and need to report him your changes. How to do this quickly and effectively?

xlCompare gives you outlined Difference Report with structured list of changes. Page below shows how we’ve created Difference Report for the example with compared Price Lists.

Look how to create Diff Report and which options you have to export it:

I need Diff and Merge Utility for other use

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Download Excel Compare

Pick the version that's suitable for your Windows version. A free trial is available to help you with the decision-making.

Current Version: 10.0.0

Build Date: 7/28/2021

Version History

During 10+ years, our team has been working to provide for you a robust and quality software. It boosts your productivity and saves you time and money. Just look into our list of changes on the page below to imagine the amount of work done on the product.

Supported Versions

Microsoft Windows

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

64-bit and 32-bit versions are supported

Microsoft Excel

xlCompare is based on the Spreadsheet Core engine.

It doesn't require Microsoft Excel to be installed.

Questions & Answers

Which version should I choose, the 64-bit or 32-bit?
If you have 64-bit Windows - install 64-bit version of the xlCompare. It will allow you to open larger workbooks and use full power of your 64-bit processor.
How does the 30-day trial work?
Once you decide to use xlCompare, you can run a 30-day free trial first. Including all the product features. This will help you decide which features are of the greatest value to you. Once the 30 day period is over, you will be asked to make your choice.
Are there any special requirements?
No, xlCompare is a completely independent software - it doesn't have any special requirements. You can install it on any Windows PC. Just download, install and use.
Do you offer discounts for students?
We offer student and non-profit discounts. Just open a private discussion with us, verify your status and we will provide you with a 25% discount on the regular price. We may ask you to confirm your status with documentation, so please get ready to verify that.