xlCompare: Enable Extended View Mode

What is Extended View mode?

xlCompare displays cell's value and the corresponding value in the same cell. So, you should not look on the other panel to find the corresponding value.

This option works in the combination with Display Difference option. If display difference option is turned OFF - you see the value of the corresponding cell. When you disable this option, xlCompare displays difference between cell's value and the corresponding value.

By default Extended View mode is turned OFF.

How to enable Extended View mode in the xlCompare?

1. Open xlCompare Options by clicking on the icon on the Application Ribbon:

Excel Compare: Options button on the Ribbon

2. Find the Extended View option on the General page, and enable it by clicking on the option.

Options: turn on Extended View

3. When the option is turned ON, a green indicator appears near the option.

You can change this option when you are working with comparison results.
xlCompare doesn't require restart in this case and you should see the immediate result.