How do I export from File A only the different rows into the final Merge File?

Find different rows in 2 excel worksheets and save them in another Excel workbook

Filter Unique Rows
xlCompare finds unique rows between Excel worksheets.
Filter Equal Records
Compare two excel files and display only equal records on screen.
Extract Inserted (New) Rows
Find all new rows in 2 excel sheets and save them into another excel file.
Save Equal (Duplicate) Rows
Get all rows present on both worksheets and save them into excel worksheet.

If you have 1 million rows in your worksheets and 300000 of them are different and should be extracted - there is no manual solution for this task. You will spend hours of your time to check these worksheets.

With xlCompare you solve this in a seconds. xlCompare is tool designed to compare excel files, merge (consolidate sheets) commands are important part of the software.

In the instruction below we show you which commands you can use for this task. In the similar way you can solve other business cases which are not described here.

Find different rows between two excel sheets

1 Select your excel files in the Windows Explorer and drop them into xlCompare application window. There are several ways to open a workbook in xlCompare, but this one is the most easy. After you drop two files xlCompare opens them one versus one. Application has two panel interface for comparison and merging operations.
2 If you have such a big tables, the most likely this is database tables, so we suggest you to check if Primary Keys offered by xlCompare are correct. In case if you have other key rows and columns, you need to set them manually by using the right click menu.
3 Now we are ready to compare workbooks. Press Compare buttons and open the Comparison Wizard. In this Wizard you see pairs of compared worksheets. You can modify the selection, but in 99.99% of cases xlCompare makes right selection. When xlCompare asks you to Sort Rows we suggest you to answer Yes and sort data on the worksheet.
4 After this step you have aligned comparison results on you screen, where all new records are highlighted with colors (green and red).
5 On the Home tab on the Ribbon use command Different on Left. This command removes all rows from the worksheet which have corresponding row on the other sheet. It removes equal (duplicate rows) from the left sheet. xlCompare has similar command for the right sheet. After you've removed equal rows use Save As command to save the exxcel file on disk.
Thats All! Now you have unique (new) rows saved in the other Excel File on disk.
Nore: you can save all rows from the File2 (right panel) using command Different on Right