What's new in xlCompare 11.0

All information on the new features, improvements and bugfixes in this update
xlCompare 11 is more than a regular major update for the software.
In this update we've changed our approach to comparing Excel files. Now all the process is managed by the set of rules, that defines which results you obtain. This is the best and right way of getting accurate results for the unordered data. Now xlCompare offers you a way to do fuzzy search in the Excel files for the matching values.
From the other side we've published a feature that was initially designed for the internal use in our company - compare XML files for differences. Starting from the version 11 xlCompare allows to open and compare XML, RELS and HTML files.
Other improvements in this update include fixes in the calculation engine, supporting new Visual Basic objects and functions and more.

Complete list of the new features that appear in xlCompare 11:

Comparison Rules

Compare Excel files by using set of Rules, that defines how the software finds matching cells.
Rules tab in Options window

Link Columns

Link mismatching columns in the report. If data you are working with has mismatched structure, this option allows to help xlCompare to find matching columns.
Link columns window

Ignore Columns

Ignore column from comparison right in the report mode.

Case-insensitive comparison

Option to ignore case when comparing string values.
Option Ignore case in string cells

Collapse the Ribbon

Get more space on screen by collapsing ribbon control.
Collapsed ribbon control

Hide the Difference Explorer

Difference Explorer is hidden by default. This is also gives you additional space on your screen if you are working on the laptop.

Manage Primary Keys

Add Primary Keys in the any order. Save key combination and apply it to your Excel files with similar structure in the future.

Compare XML Files

Compare XML files for differences, by displaying structure of the XML files in the hierarchical tree form.
Compare XML files for differences with xlCompare

Compare XML Files and Ignore Order

Ignore order of tags and attributes when comparing XML files.
Ignore order button on the XML tab
Order of the elements in XML file has significant impact on the comparison results.

Customize xlCompare with VBA macro

Attach a Visual Basic macro to xlCompare, that becomes available in the worksheet menu. This allows you to write your own code that works with comparison report and allows you to perform any action in the report.

Support CSV 16-bit format

Fixed problem with loading 16-bit CSV files.

Improved comparison algorithms

Comparison engine that works inside xlCompare application gets significant changes in this version. Now comparison strategies used by application are managed by set of Rules, that were moved to the options. This gives you a control over the comparison process and ability to tune up the comparison results, depending on the data you have.

Minor updates and fixes

As usual we've fixed several minor issues and bugs reported by our customers.