What's new in xlCompare 10.5

Extended information on the new features and bugfixes in this excel file compare update
Every day our developers work on xlCompare. We implement new features and improve existing ones. In this article we would like to give you complete information on changes included into xlCompare 10.5.
3-way comparison for Excel worksheets
3-way comparison is an ultimate feature for external diff and merge tools for Excel files (XLSX\XLSM\XLS\...). If you are working in the team environment and your Excel files are stored in the version control system - you need external diff viewer to view changes and to resolve merge conflicts.
How does merge conflict happen?
Imagine you've get your version from the repository and modified it. At the same time your colleague modified it and committed his changes. Now you have merge conflict. You can't commit your modifications without resolving changes.
xlCompare will do this work quickly and effectively.
Merge Excel worksheets from the command line
As you already know xlCompare has command line mode, that allows to compare Excel files by passing them as arguments to xlCompare application.
We've extended set of command line options and added ability to merge modifications from one excel file into another silently.
Improved Primary Key processing
We've improved algorithms used in xlCompare to detect and process Primary Key columns and rows.
Improved Worksheet alignment
In the comparison report mode rows are aligned one versus one, on the worksheet. This improves readability of the report. In this update we've made alignment algorithm better and implemented it for unsorted data also.
Fixed few compatibility issues with Excel file format
We've found some problems with XLSX file format, that has being solved in this update.
Fixed problem with reading wrong formula
In this version we've solved issue when xlCompare read incorrectly some types of formulas from the XLSX files.
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