What's new in xlCompare 10.4

Extended information on the new features and bugfixes in this excel file compare update
Every day our developers work on xlCompare. We implement new features and improve existing ones. In this article we would like to give you complete information on changes included into xlCompare 10.4.
We've translated xlCompare to German language
We have a number of requests to adopt xlCompare tool to other languages. Currently in addition to primary English User Interface language pack we support German, Chinese Simplified and Russian languages. In this update we've completed German language pack. Our German customers now can work with Excel File Compare Tool in their native langage.
Remove Duplicate Primary Keys\Rows
xlCompare has got a set of database specific tools you can use to automate your work with Excel Tables. Our tool is more than xlcomparator. We give you a powerful and feature rich utility you can use to work with data in your files. We would like to give you best excel file comparison tool on the market. So, xlCompare includes a command you can use to get read of duplicated primary keys and duplicated rows in your tables.
Clear Duplicate Primary Keys\Rows
This command (Clear) is similar but a bit different from Remove. While Remove deletes all duplicates in your table, Clear leaves first record and removes other records in the every duplicate block. With this command you get unique set of records in your file.
Filter Duplicates
Get only duplicate records on your screen to save them into other workbook, copy, print, etc. With this command you can put your focus into the set of duplicate records in one click.
Highlight Duplicates with fill color
One second and all duplicated records in your dataset are filled with color. They immediately become visually different from other records in table.
Split Columns with custom text delimiter
Another one of the time saving commands added to xlCompare. Imagine you have data you should pre-process before comparing. With Split command you divide long text strings into parts and all values take their places in table! They are ready to comparing or saving into other excel file.
Join Columns with custom text delimiter
When previous command divides values into cells, this one concatenates them into single string. For example, you've got 2 excel files where one file contains Full Name in one column and other file has 2 columns First Name and Last Name. In this case Join command will do a great job for you.
Convert Text Values to Numbers
Ofter data received from other applications are saved in the mixed format, when numbers appear as text in cells. To compare such worksheet accurately you need to convert all possible text values into numbers. This gives faster and accurate comparison results.
Remove Spaces in cell texts
This command sometimes is called Trim Strings. It removes extra space character in the cell values. This reduces comparison noise and xlCompare should not spend time for trimming cell strings.
New Edit Primary Keys Dialog
Primary Keys are highly important in the Excel worksheet comparison. Best Excel file comparison tool is not possible without this feature. In this version we've reworked primary key editing window. It is more intuitive and informative. Also, we've added command to set keys to all worksheets in one click. This saves you a lot of time if you have Excel file with 50+ sheets that have similar structure.
Option to disable calculations
You may ask - why do I need this option? Calculations are not important in most cases when you compare excel workbooks. Using this option will speed up workbook opening, as xlCompare don't need to rebuild formulas on opening file.
Polished Comparison Algorithms
We've made some improvements in the database comparison algorithms. Now they work faster and give more accurate results for some datasets with unsorted rows.
Reworked Primary Key detection algorithms
When you open Excel file in xlCompare application, tool analyze your data and suggest you primary keys for all sheets you have. In this update we've made this algorithm more accurate.
Items in the Difference Explorer are always synchronized with worksheet views
Recent versions of xlCompare has an option Synchronize Report, that enables synchronization between Difference Explorer window and Worksheet View. In this update we've reworked this feature. Now list of the differences is always synchrinized with data you see on the worksheet.
Print to PDF: now xlCompare prints all worksheets, instead of active sheet
This improvement was made in the Comparison Summary Report window. When you have this report on screen - you can save all it's pages, including Summary, Updated Rows and Updates Cells in the PDF file.
Reworked Ribbon Control: New commands added
Now you can see Commands, Table and Duplicates tabs on the Ribbon. Some of these commands are new and some of them are regrouped Database tab. It was overloaded into the previous versions, so we've decided to divide commands by it's functions.
Fixed problem in HEX2DEC function in the Spreadsheet Core engine
Just a bugfix in the HEX2DEC worksheet function.
Fixed a few issues with saving XLSM files
We've fixed two problems reported by our customer.
Minor updates and fixes
In the very update we have a number of small fixes, that doesn't worst to be described.