Excel Compare Tool to Compare Two Excel Sheets in Separate Excel Files

Place 2 excel files side-by-side and compare and update values in your sheets with excel compare tool – xlCompare

Compare and Consolidate Excel Files
xlCompare is a tool to find differences between excel files (compare excel workbooks). Difference report you are getting is suitable to be presented to co-worker and to explain you the differences between workbooks.
Merge Rows in Excel Sheets
xlCompare is not only excel file comparator but the tool to merge excel sheets also. Comprehensive difference report allows us to offer you various filtering and merging commands – copy different rows from one worksheet to another.
Update Values in Excel Sheets
With excel file compare tool you can update all changed cells in your worksheet with corresponding changed values from the other sheet in single click. This automates your daily tasks and makes your work more effective.
Two different cases we’ve got from our customers by e-mail:
Customer Case #1
I have one main folder containing the data of every month that goes by. The number of files I have will continually grow overtime. I would like to have all of these merged into a table in one main file.
Customer Case #2
I have a workbook with 5 sheets, each sheet for different regions. I need to regularly update each sheet but also I need the 6th sheet of consolidated data. Means the 6th sheet must have all 5 sheets data. Whenever I add any new row in 5 sheets, I need auto into the 6th sheet. can possible? All 5 sheets have text cells as well as numbers cells.
Let’s describe the solution for these tasks step by step. You need to understand how you can use the comparison report created by excel compare tool to complete the tasks you have. Every different row and column can be merged into the corresponding sheet in other excel file. Just click a merge icon (arrow or plus) on the heading. Every modified cell (value or formula or formatting) can be updated with a value of the corresponding changed cell from other worksheet. If you have a complex calculation model modified by your co-workers – the most likely you review and analyze all changes one by one. But if you’ve got worksheets with million of records from your customer and you need to update 100000 records in your table – you need a bulk merge command to update all values in single click.
1 Open your excel files in the excel compare tool. xlCompare places two excel files side-by-side. Click on the Browse button on the each file panel to select and open the workbook in excel file compare tool.
2 Check Primary Keys in your excel tables. Do not ignore this important step. It is important to setup the Primary Keys in rows and columns in your excel files to get the best comparison report and accurate merge results. Our excel file compare tool assigns Primary Keys for the every worksheet in the opened file if possible. However you can change the selection with a commands in Right Click Menu.
3 Now Press Compare button to get the results. Intermediate step is to review compared data in the Comparison Report. This reports shows you pairs of compared worksheets and algorithm assigned by excel compare to the every sheet. In this Wizard you can change the selected algorithm and ignore worksheets and VBA modules you don’t need to compare.
4 After this step you have the comparison results on screen. Every modification is highlighted with color. You can change colors used for highlighting in the Options.

How to merge all sheets into one main sheet

Use command Merge Left to Right on the Home tab on the ribbon. This command updates all changed cells in the FILE1 with values and formulas from the FILE2. All new records (new rows) from the FILE2 are moved into the FILE1 by using this command.
Now select other file on the right panel and do the iteration one again to see changed data and merge it.
To work faster you can just drop your excel file from windows explorer into the right panel.

How to update the worksheet with new data

Just like in the previous step you can use bulk merge command from the Home panel of the excel file compare tool.
To update values on the consolidated worksheet in your excel file – put this worksheet on the left panel and compare with values from the sheet you’ve updated. Same bulk merge command moves all values from the updated sheet (received excel file) into the consolidated worksheet in single click.
Conclusion: Excel File Compare performs you daily tasks in a few seconds
Armed with xlCompare you will get your job done in seconds. This is not just a one of the xlcomparators, but the powerful excel file compare and merge tool, that saves you time and money. This is really good investment into your productivity.