What are the benefits of choosing xlCompare?

xlCompare is a fast and feature-rich excel diff tool. It solves a number of spreadsheet comparison and merging tasks. xlCompare is more than a tool for comparing Excel files, it is your reliable partner.

Why xlCompare is your Excel diff tool?

Difference report in Excel diff tool
xlCompare: difference report

Save your time

You can compare excel sheets using conditional formatting, VBA macros and other methods. But every of these methods take your working time. If you select xlCompare as your Excel Diff Tool you need to spend only a few seconds. xlCompare does this job for you at a reasonable price.

Precise results

Our specialty is Excel worksheet comparison. If you give every job to professionals - you receive best results. xlCompare is a solution you need! Try it and you will be fully satisfied.

Increase productivity

Armed with xlCompare you move your professional efficiency to the highest level. Just focus on the important primary tasks of your business.

Error-free solution

Every year companies lose millions of dollars due to errors in their data. Are you sure you want to increase this statistic?

Tool for Usual Excel Users

You should not be an Excel expert or experienced used to use this tool. We've made it as easy to use as possible. xlCompare has clear user interface, that is very similar to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications. Just try it and you will see how easy Excel file comparison can be!

Permanent License = No Future Payments

xlCompare license is a tool that is sold as a perpetual license. You order your license only once and get a tool for unlimited period. Technical support and updates are included!

Our primary goal is to give you best and the most powerful Excel file comparison tool

xlCompare converts complex and time-consuming tasks into set of simple actions. It greatly simplifies your business processes.