How to use xlCompare to compare Cashflow Statements in Excel

xlCompare is a feature rich Excel File Comparison Tool, use can use to find differences in Cashflow Statements.

Comprehensive analysis of your files and detailed diff report in a seconds.

Boost your productivity with xlCompare!

Armed with this utility, you save a lot of time spent to spreadsheet processing.

4 Steps to get the Comparison Results

1. Open Workbook in xlCompare

There are several ways to open your file in xlCompare. One of the easiest – drop file into xlCompare window. xlCompare recognize type of your workbook and open it in the application window.

2. Use Compare Button

On the main application window press compare button. It opens Comparison Wizard. What is this and why do you need this wizard? xlCompare compares worksheets organized in groups. Before comparison we are doing initial grouping and offer you set of pairs. This wizard is to show you this order and give ability to modify compared files.

3. Review List of Compared Sheets

Check the list of compared items, change comparison algorithms used by xlCompare to process your worksheets. Comparison Strategy is an important part of the process. We have a number of algorithms in our comparison engine tuned for worksheet specific. So if you are working with Cashflow Statements, please make the right selection.

4. Now Complete the Wizard and get the Comparison Report

You should not spend your time for selecting options and other parameters. Just in a few clicks you get the detailed results. All differences are highlighted with color, so you can identify them on the worksheet view.

Understanding the Results

Comparison Report

All differences found in cells, formulas and formatting we highlight with color on the worksheet. This is clear and native way to represent the results.

Compare Database Tables
Changed Cell
Every changed cell is marked with orange color. If cell contains numerical value, we display trending arrow. It shows you how the cell was modified – the value is increased or decreased.
Inserted Rows
xlCompare finds all inserted rows in the Cashflow Statements. After the comparison inserted rows in FILE 1 are mared with green color and inserted rows in FILE 2 are marked with red background. When you look on your worksheet you will easily identify inserted data.
Changed Formulas
We compare text in corresponding formulas on the function basis. If part of the formulas was changed – we compare it flexible and report you modified part of the expression. Inserted rows and columns are included into formula comparison. We determine adjust arguments of formulas and avoid comparison noise (false-positive reports).

Difference Explorer

This is structured list of differences found in Cashflow Statements. In this window you can see exactly what was changed. Browse this list to review all modification.

Difference Explorer

As you see – xlCompare is a flexible and feature-rich utility to compare Cashflow Statements

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