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Our primary goal is to provide fast and robust comparison and merge services for Excel workbooks

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xlCompare - Robust and Powerful Tool in Your Hands

Our product offers dozens of useful features and advantages. With them, it will be easy to accomplish all spreadsheet comparison and merging tasks you experience on the daily basis!

Changes in Cells

xlCompare looks into your worksheets for changed cells and gives you a colored report. It will have highlighted, changed cells with inserted\deleted rows.
Changes in Formulas

Check all formulas on the worksheets for modifications. xlCompare points you to the changed part of the formula. You won't have to worry about locating differences in the text manually!
Inserted Rows

xlCompare finds all records inserted into your Excel Table and marks them with color. You'll be able to identify them among other worksheet cells.
Comparison Summary

All changed cells and unique columns rows are marked with color on the worksheet. If this is not enough - use the Ignore Formatting option to disable all original cell formatting.
Save Report

Get a detailed and ready to analyze report, with highlighted changes, in a second. Save it on the disk or send it by e-mail to your colleague. You can make several types of reports for different purposes.
Difference List

You can browse all differences in one structured list. Analyze changes and merge cells, rows and columns between compared excel files directly from this list. Our difference Explorer gives you a clear answer as to what was actually modified in the workbook.
Rich Set of Options

Ignore Hidden Rows and Hidden Columns. Select data to be compared. Display the Cell Differences. Highlight cells with color when merging. Command line options. xlCompare has a lot of options that you can use to achieve the best comparison results.
Different Algorithms

Depending on the spreadsheet, you can compare - Price Lists, Accounting Statements, and Financial Models. xlCompare offers you the most suitable comparison algorithm. This gives more accurate comparison results.
Merge Files

Easy-to-use Merge Commands move cells from one worksheet into another in the native and visual form. Update cells one by one, or by using bulk merge commands. Fill-in the database table with updated records in seconds.

This article shows how you can use xlCompare to compare two Excel files.

We've compared two price lists in the XLSX format to introduce you to the primary xlCompare features and options.

Spend a few seconds to see how xlCompare works:

Next example: merge several Excel sheets into one.

This is one of the common tasks for Excel Users.

There are 3 lists with auto parts saved in a form of Excel spreadsheet (XLSX). In this article we've merged them into single list.

Read this article to see how to quickly merge Excel files:

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Boost your productivity with xlCompare!

Still looking for differences manually?

xlCompare saves you a lot of time. In a few seconds you are getting complete comparison report with a minimum efforts.

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Our purpose - give you fast and robust Excel comparison software. Our Excel Diff Tool was tested on the millons of Excel workbooks around the world.
Based on the Spreadsheet Core engine our tool works faster then Excel application and gives ability to implement any feature, which it not possible in Excel-based solution.
xlCompare saves you time and money. Put your focus on the business tasks, while we are doing routine job.

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What do our customers say about xlCompare?

The best comparison software!

Proc: Extremely useful tool for database data comparison. Perfect visual representation of the comparison report.
Cons: Export difference report to more formats.
Summary: I need to compare database reports from my co-workers every day and this tool saves a lot of my time. It compares 2 large workbooks in several seconds. Comparison report is perfect. Data can be easily merged and saved directly in the report. Very useful tool.
Ralph Langley
Great product!

Proc: We use Excel extensively for our financial models, and this product greatly speeds up our productivity! Large workbooks are easily compared and merged. Drag-n-drop feature for merging workbooks is fantastic. I suggest it to everyone.
Cons: I like all features in this product.
Summary: We are going to have more people in the development on our Excel model, so merging is very helpful. xlCompare seems to be the best option, only it could handle our model files.
John Robert

Visual Representation of the Comparison Results

All changed cells, unique rows and columns are marked with color. This highlighting points you to the changes found in workbook.

Changed Cells
Display original and modified value (or difference) in the same cell. Perfect visual representation of the modified cell values.
Unique Rows
Every unique row or column is detected by xlCompare and marked with color. Click on the Merge Icon and row will be inserted into the corresponding table.
Detailed Information
Tooltip window on the changed cell shows detailed information about modification.

Comprehensive Comparison Summary

Browse list of changes, grouped by worksheets in the Difference Explorer Window. Merge and filter Excel tables using xlCompare commands.

Difference Explorer
Complete list of Differences
Difference Explorer gives you native and easy way to browse all differences found between workbooks.
Filter Changed Cells
Keep on screen only records you need - unique, changed or equal
Merge and Bulk Merge
Merge cells one-by-one or merge all changes in one click.

Native Alignment for Unique Records

xlCompare delivers comparison results in aligned form, where compared cells are put on the same places on the both sheets.

Align Rows
Virtualy Aligned Rows
Added and Deleted Rows(Columns) are virtually inserted into another workbook to make native representation of the comparison results. Every pair of the corresponding rows are on the same places.
Merge Unique Rows
With aligned rows you see where merged unique rows will be inserted. Select range of the rows you want to insert and move them in one click on the plus icon.
Synchronous Selection
When you select range in the left worksheet, corresponding range is selected on the right side.

Compare Excel Tables

Database data is compared by Primary Key. xlCompare gives you a handy way to define Primary Keys and select algorithms used for comparison.

Compare Database Tables
Different Algorithms
Depending on the data you have in the worksheet xlCompare offers you algorithm you can use. You can change it in the Comparison Wizard and try all strategies.
Select Worksheets
Select Pairs of the worksheet you want to compare. Process only the data you need.
Select VB Forms and Modules
If you are working with VB Project in the your workbook - exclude worksheets, if you need to focus on the modifications in the VBA Code.

Database Processing Commands

Set of commands to filter, highlight and remove duplicated records.

Compare Databases
Remove Duplicates
xlCompare has set of Database Processing commands. Removing duplicate records is one of them.
Highlight Duplicates
Highlight duplicate rows on the worksheet with colors.
Remove Hidden Data
Hide the data you don't need on the worksheet and remove it with single click.

Compare Visual Basic Code and Forms

Complete comparison of the Visual Basic Projects. All options and commands needed for VBA developers.

Compare VBA Projects
Modified Code
xlCompare finds changes in the VBA Modules and displays them with color formatting.
Changed Form Controls
If you've modified form control - it will be detected and displayed by xlCompare.
Merge Commands
Merge VBA Code and Form Controls in single click. Just select code lines and click on the check icon!

Data Processing Utilities and Tools

Very often you need to pre-process your data before comparison. Convert text string imported from text file into numbers, etc. With xlCompare you will make this in a seconds.

Right Click Menu
Convert Text To Numbers
Convert numbers stored as text to numerical data. Numbers stored "as numbers" are more accurately compared and processed.
Trim Strings
String data is often comes with extra spaces. Remove it to have clear data.
Mark Column as Primary Key
Easy to use Primary Key management commands. Select Column and mark it as key in single click using Right Click Menu command.
Sort Worksheet Rows
Sort rows on your worksheet. Sometimes for perfect visual representation of the comparison results, you need to sort rows before they will be processed.

Analyze and Debug Calculations in Depth

xlCompare is not only workbook comparator. This tool has features which makes you more productive in various aspects.

Trace Dependents
Trace Calculations
Drill-down trace of the formula calculations.
Evaluate Formulas
Divide formula into elementary parts and display them in the hierarchical tree form - the most sutable way for recursive analyzys.
Where the Value Came From
Review list of errors and find our where the error came from.

Download Excel Compare

Download and install the latest up-to-date version of xlCompare. The download is a full-featured version.

Current Version: 10.2.0

Build Date: 10/12/2021

Start using Excel Compare now!

Excel File Compare Home Tab on Ribbon

Filter Mathching Rows
Display only rows present in both excel files and exclude new (removed) rows
Filter Different Rows
Hide rows that have corresponding row on the other sheet. Display only different records on both sheets.
Update sheet with cells from other sheet (Merge)
Insert all different rows into other excel worksheet and update all modified cell values. In one click you can move million of rows!
Get Matching rows
Extract and save rows that has a corresponding row in other excel file.
Get Different rows
Save on the third worksheet rows that doesn't have a matching row on the correspondding sheet.
Mark Differences with Color
Permanently mark all changes you've found with background and text color to highlight them for future analyzis.
Get the Diff Report in PDF format
Create outlined report in the XLSX, HTML or PDF format. Save color formatting in the PDF file.

Display modified cells in the excel file compare tool

Extended View
Display original value and modified value in the same cell. Change this to display difference between values in the options.
Trending Arrows
Green and Red arrow icons indicate that value in this cell was increased or decreased. In addition to usual color formatting this gives you visual indication about tendency in the numerical values.

If you are still thinking if xlCompare is worth to try - please review long features list on the page below.

Questions & Answers

Can I use xlCompare to consolidate Excel Files?
Yes. xlCompare is not only Excel File Diff Viewer application. Utility has number of commands and options to combine several Excel worksheets into single one. Ability to update and merge Excel files is one of the primary features of the product. Use the Merge command on the Home tab on the Ribbon to update records in your Excel table with records from another one.
Which version should I choose, the 64-bit or 32-bit?
If you have 64-bit Windows - install 64-bit version of the xlCompare. With 64-bit version you can open larger workbooks and use full power of your 64-bit processor.
How does the 30-day trial work?
Once you decide to use xlCompare, you can run a 30-day free trial first. Including all the product features. This will help you decide which features are of the greatest value to you. Once the 30 day period is over, you will be asked to make your choice.
Do you offer discounts for students?
We offer student and non-profit discounts. Just open a private discussion with us, verify your status and we will provide you with a 25% discount on the regular price. We may ask you to confirm your status with documentation, so please get ready to verify that.

Version History

During 10+ years, our team has been working to provide for you a robust and quality software. It boosts your productivity and saves you time and money. Just look into our list of changes on the page below to imagine the amount of work done on the product.

32-bit Version

The most of the modern computers have 64-bit processors, which give you significantly more calculation power and other benefits. But if you have an old PC with 32-bit processor, please download xlCompare 32-bit using the link below.

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Questions & Answers

Which payment methods are supported?
Orders are processed by our e-commerce partner, MyCommerce (Share*It) (part of the Digital River), through a secure SSL connection. It supports a rich set of payment methods: All major Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, ...
Is this a one-time payment?
Yes, there will be no future payments. xlCompare is sold as a Permanent License. It's not like a regular subscription. You pay once and receive a lifetime license.
Do you have volume discounts?
Yes. If you are ordering 3 and more licenses, please contact us for a Coupon Code. We'll provide you a discount.
Do you collect my Credit Card information?
No. Spreadsheet Tools and Share-It does not collect your Credit Card data.
Should I order a license for my new PC?
No. If you've got new PC - you can transfer your license to this new computer. You can do it yourself on your account in the Customer Area, or you can send us an e-mail, and we'll do it for you.
How many activations do I have?
One xlCompare license allows you to use the software on one PC. If you plan to use xlCompare on more then 1 computer - you will need a license for the every PC.
Is technical support included?
Yes. Free updates and unlimited technical support is included with your license. If you have any questions - contact us to get a prompt response.
Do you work with resellers?
Yes. Please contact us to receive additional information.