Compare Excel Files Online

Looking for a tool to compare two Excel files online?
Excel file comparison is a complex task, which requires calculation resources on your computer. Normally xlCompare performs a large number of comparison operations to give you best spreadsheet comparison results. Comprehensive worksheets comparison can't be done online effectively. You need to have a fast Internet Connection to transfer data to server to compare two excel sheets online for differences.
Next important part of the comparison process - diff report representation. Online excel worksheet compare tool doesn't give you such flexibility and performance due to lack of capabilities and resources. Excel and xlCompare has optimized user interface controls, which virtualize worksheet cells, to display millions of cells in the >100Mb excel files. This is almost impossible in the solution implemented in the browser, or which uses HTML to display the data - online worksheet comparison tools.
Tool, designed to compare 2 excel worksheets online can't be used with the command line mode, because it is not installed on your PC. So, you can't integrate it into your GIT or SVN environment. xlCompare is not only spreadsheet compare tool, but also diff and merge tool for applications, which require diff viewers for XLS, XLSX, XLSM files.
So, we would like to offer you an offline spreadsheet comparator - xlCompare. With this application you get your files compared much faster than the online excel sheet comparator. Also, you don't send your files to website in the Internet (where excel online worksheet comparison tool is hosted) and don't share sensitive information with third party people. And you don't depend on the Internet Connection, as with online excel worksheet comparison tools. xlCompare is always works for you!
Using xlCompare instead of online tool to compare Excel files gives you following benefits:
  1. Security. xlCompare works on your computer and doesn't transfer your files to any webserver.
  2. Stability. xlCompare doesn't depend on your Internet connection.
  3. Incredible performance. Desktop application is faster than browser add-on.
  4. Perfect visual report. xlCompare gives you perfect and easy to understand color-coded report.
  5. Merge Excel sheets. With xlCompare you can easily merge two Excel sheets into one.
  6. Command line mode. Compare and merge Excel worksheets from the command line.
There are no online comparison tool for Excel worksheets with same functionality, so we offer you more powerful desktop solution.
Compare Excel Files in xlCompare