Use Excel Compare Add-In for Excel Files

Excel Add-Ins is a great and flexible way to extend the application functionality. With this technology we are adding new commands to process data in the excel files and tables. Excel, like other Office 365 applications, allows add-in to get access to its Object Model. Add-in module customizes the application Ribbon with its own controls, using public interfaces.
First version of xlCompare was a WCT plug-in, implemented as Microsoft Excel Add-in. Unfortunately, Excel application is oriented to spreadsheet calculations and processing, not for comparison operations. That's why we've created next generation of excel comparison add-in - stand alone version of excel file compare tool - xlCompare.
There is a free Excel Add-in called Spreadsheet Inquire that comes with Excel 365. You can also use it for checking your Excel Spreadsheets for differences.
Please, follow the link below to see the differences between both tools.
This software designed for comparison operations. It has 2 panel user interface, each of the panels display compared workbooks. This gives you native and easy to use representation of the comparison results.
xlCompare is not just an extension for Excel. This is powerful tool in your hands, that saves your working time and increases productivity.

Please, watch this video to see how xlCompare compares Excel Files for differences.

xlCompare in the Action:

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We can continue this list, it is much longer that list of features you are getting from the Excel Add-in (WCT 3.3.9). Independence from Excel gives us more flexibility. The software works much faster than COM Add-in version and has much longer list of features. We've made the software as easy to use as posible. This is not always posible in the COM Add-in, limited by Excel's ribbon and object model.