Use Excel Compare Tool

Now more and more users install Excel 2010 64-bit and Excel 2013 64-bit. When installing the 64-bit Excel application you are getting more memory resources and can operate with bigger workbooks. You can handle huge amount of data.

But usual 32-bit add-ins doesn't work with these versions of Excel. You install Add-in on your PC, but you don't see it in the list of Excel's Add-ins. File is present but Excel can't load it. This is a real problem. You can't use Spreadsheet Comparison solution based on the add-in technology. You should wait while publisher will compile a 64-bit version of his software.

With xlCompare this problem is not actual! xlCompare is an independent application, which doesn't use Excel installed on your PC. So, you can download xlCompare and do not worry about compatibility problems.

What do you get by selecting xlCompare as your spreadsheet comparison application:

Smart comparison algorithms

Our primary goal - compare cells on the worksheets like a human. Cell-by-cell comparison is ver simple, but it is useless in 99.99% of cases. Usually data is more complex - imagine accounting statement or complex financial model. Cell by cell comparison will not work in this case. xlCompare knows different strategies to compare the data and selects the most appropriate one. It doesn't ask you to select comparison options. It tries to make this work itself.

10+ Time Saving commands

Automate your most common tasks. Complete it in one click. xlCompare gives you set of commands to:

  • Find and Remove Duplicates
  • Sort data on the worksheets by key
  • Remove empty rows on the worksheet
  • Filter values command based on the comparison results
  • Mark comparison results with colors
  • and more ...
    • Extended View - see value and it's difference in the same cell

      Extended View is a feature available in the xlCompare only. Changed data is highlighted with color and we also put into this cell value from the corresponding cell:

      In the Extended View mode you can select an option to display corresponding value or difference between 2 cells.

      Complete VB Project comparison

      xlCompare processes not only VBA macros, but Forms and controls also. It detects changed controls, new and deleted controls. Added and deleted VBA modules and forms. You get complete comparison report for your VB projects and ability to quickly merge all differences.

      Compare and Edit Visual Basic Forms

      Only in xlCompare you can compare VB Forms in the natural, visual form:

      xlCompare detects every modification of the VB Project:

      • New controls
      • Deleted controls
      • Changed properties of the VB Form and Controls
      • Modified VB Code of the Form Object

      You can easily switch between Visual Basic Code, Objects and Worksheet objects:

      Visit Compare VBA Projects page to see how xlCompare works in this area.

      Define your own comparison strategy

      xlCompare give you a set of options to filter data used in the comparison operations.

      You can select between:

      • Constant cells
      • Calculated cells
      • Formulas
      • Cell Formatting

      You can compare data the most suitable for your tasks. For example you can ignore calculation results and compare only text of the formulas.

      Easy to use Merge commands

      xlCompare has very easy merge commands integrated into the Difference Browser window. You can merge changes from one workbook into another one in single click.

      Bulk Merge and Undo commands

      xlCompare gives you Bulk operations - you can resolve all conflicts found by comparison in single click. This greately increases your productivity if you are working with large amount of data.

      Version Control

      xlCompare has Command line mode. It make this utility ideal for version control job. If you are VBA developer, you can integrate xlCompare into your source code control system as an "external" application. You will have no problems with merging different versions of your macros and forms.

      Color-coded difference report

      As a result of the comparison operation you get color-coded comparison report. It looks like original workbook in Excel. You can work with it like you are working with Excel workbook.

      Difference Browser - navigation tool for difference report

      You may get 10000+ differences between worksheets. To browse them in the most handy form xlCompare has Difference Browser - easy to use tool. It gives you ability to navigate through differences and merge them.

      Drill-down tracing of the calculation results

      This unique feature you can find in the xlCompare only!

      xlCompare provides you a powerfull formula debugging command. You see formula's value divided into sub-expressions with ability to go in-depth of the calculations:

      You can analyse all calculations in your workbook and stop using Trace Precendents feature in Excel.

      xlCompare gives you not only calculation results, but you can see Indirect Dependencies in your workbook also. You get results of the OFFSET or INDIRECT function calls with ability to trace this result!

      You can download setup file from the Download Excel Compare 2010 page on our website or using the link below.

      On the 64-bit platform xlCompare works exactly in the same way as on the 32-bit version of Window. It is same fast and easy to use tool. You select workbooks and get comprehensive comparison report.

      xlCompare is a powerful and handy utility! Visit Download Excel Compare page to try it now.