Mark differences with color

When you've got list of changed cell, added or deleted rows, you can apply color formatting to each cell to work with this data later. xlCompare displays color-coded comparison report as a result of its work. Same formatting is used to mark differences:

  • Yellow color - for changed cells
  • Red color - for deleted cells
  • Green color - for added cells

For example, you've got this Difference Browser:

Pencil icon (we've put it into red square) is a command which marks all changes with color.

Before using it you should know, that command it applied to the branch selected in the Difference Browser. In this example you see on the image it will be applied to the J9 cell only.

To apply color formatting to all cells on the sheet you should select node which represents worksheets (OLD - NEW) in this example.

If you select root node Sheets - formatting is applied to all changed cells.

As you understand, if this command is applied to the VB Project comparison results, it does nothing. Items in the VB Project can't be formatted with color.

This command modifies contents of the workbook, so if you want to work with this data later, you should save the workbook.