How to activate xlCompare

Evaluation license doesn't require activation. You need to activate xlCompare only after you've ordered the software.

When your order is processed, we create an account for your in the Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service. Your account immediately gets xlCompare Permanent License. It allows you to install xlCompare on 1 PC.

When you start xlCompare it meets you with this screen:

At first you need to create an account in the Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service Area. This account contains information about the licenses you have, and how many times you've activated the software.

In the Customer Service Area we don't collect your personal information. You should enter only your name and e-mail to register. Information about our customers is not shared with any third party persons!

To create an account please, go the Spreadsheet Tools website: Register Now

To complete the activation on your PC you can use 2 options:

  • On-line activation. This option is recommended.
    You should enter details of your account (login and password) and press the Activate button. All other work is done by xlCompare. It connects to the Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service, checks if you have available activations and transfers Activation Code to your PC.

    If you are using this option, activation will take a few seconds only!

  • Manual activation. This option requires you to make all activation actions manually:

    1. Login to your account in the Customer Service Area: Login
    2. Switch to the Activations page
    3. Select xlCompare license
    4. Enter name of your PC:
      You can find it in the Control Panel
    5. Generate Activation Code
    6. Copy it to your PC and enter into xlCompare.
    As you can see this procedure has more steps than on-line activation. Please, use it only in case when you do not have Internet Connection on your PC.

Need Help?

If you have any problems with activation please contact us.

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