How to remove trial limits in my xlCompare?

After you install and launch evaluation version of xlCompare you are getting this screen:

This is notification for you that the version you have is limited.

Spreadsheet Tools offer you FULL-FUNCTIONAL version for evaluation. It is limited by:

  • 30-days working period
  • you can't save workbooks
  • you can't save and export comparison reports

Use Evaluation Version to learn Features and Options in the xlCompare and to see how it works with your spreadsheets. During 30-days term you need to make a descision, if you want to use unlimited version.

During your evaluation, you need to accept this warning every time it appears. After closing this window you can continue.

If you decide to use xlCompare after this period expires - you should order a license.

Pricing details and links on how to place an order you can find on the Order Page.

Once you've got xlCompare license you can apply it using Help | Activate ... command:

It switches you to the screen where you can enter your login and Order Ref# (password) to complete the activation process.

We suggest you to use On-line activation. It works faster and doesn't require any additional interaction with Spreadsheet Tools Customer Service.