What was included into version 6.0?

Comparison Strategy

You can select how to process data in your workbook - like usual worksheeet or like database.

Usual Worksheet - just an Excel table with formulas, constant cells and other features present in the Excel.

Database Table - structured table, saved on the worksheet.

  • Every column represents database field.
  • Primary Key column is a must.
  • Formulas should refer to other cells within same row only.

Both of the described data structures require different processing algorithms to get the most accurate results. You need to determine which data you have and turn ON or OFF this option.

On the image above it is turned ON.

Print Comparison Report

Save Report on the Worksheet

Find and Replace

Find and Replace feature. Look for specific data on the worksheet and replace contents of cells.

Automate xlCompare

Automate xlCompare with Visual Basic macros.

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