What was included into version 5.0?

Summary of the new features

We've published this major update in 2017 as xlCompare 2017. On this page we would like to describe the most important changes.

Now xlCompare has Ribbon interface, like another Office applications:

This is not only modern restyling. Now you get quick and easy access to options, which were hidden in depth of menus in the past versions:

In addition to ribbon we've improved formula editing abilities. Now you can edit formulas like in Excel - with color formatting and argument highlighting:

  • We are working continuosly on the Spreadsheet Engine. This update contains number improvement in the calculation speed and memory usage.
  • Number of minor bugs are fixed and included into this update. Mostly this is crashreports and suggestions sent by our customers.

Visual Basic Form editor displays all controls you have in your spreadsheet. You can navigate between them in visual, native form:

This feature makes xlCompare the only software on the market which compares and merges VB Form objects.

Filter compared cells:

You can select which data is included into comparison and define your own strategy, most suitable for the data you have.

Compare Number Formatting:

In some cases, for example in Version Control, you need to compare number formatting options. xlCompare gives you ability to select which type of formatting is important for you and which one should be ignored.

Difference Map:

xlCompare reflects all found differences on the scrollbars. You see map of the changes, which greately simplifies navigation.

Reflect Number of differences on the Ribbon and Sheet Tab:

xlCompare adds number of differences to the Ribbon Button and to the Sheet Tab. You can use it like a filter.

Hide Equal Worksheets\Modules:

You can hide sheets\modules which are identical to focus on the changes only.

Trace Formula Calculations:

Go in-depth in the formula calculations. Find out where result of the formula came from.

New Worksheet Functions:


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