Bulk Merge commands

Lets imagine the usual common situation - you are working with big amount of "database" lists or processing price lists or accounting statements. You have a lot of changes on the worksheet, and they should be quickly merged into another file. If you will do it item-by-item, you will spend all day. Bulk Merge commands is what you need.

Bulk Merge commands was created to automate merge operations. You select branch in the Difference Explorer you want to merge into another worksheet. Apply merge operation and all modification of the every item is applied to another worksheet.

Data is merged in single click!

This example describes Bulk Merge commands in detail:

We've compared Cash Flow statement and want to merge all changes from the left worksheet into the right one.

We select Sheet1 - Sheet2 node in the Difference Explorer. It represents all changes found between worksheets.

Bulk merge commands are in the right click menu: RCM | Bulk Merge | .... You see them on the image above.

After this command is applied xlCompare looks like on the image below:

All items on the left worksheet are checked. This means that modification is applied to the another book. I.e. conflict is resolved.

Bulk merge commands are present not only in the Right Click menu. You can find them on the toolbar also.

Bulk merge commands on the toolbar in the Difference Explorer

IMPORTANT: Bulk merge commands are applicable not only to the worksheet data. You can use them to merge VBA Modules and Forms also!

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