Undo results of the Bulk Merge operation

In the previous topic we've described Bulk Merge operations. This is very important operation, but without Undo it becomes dangerouns. One click and you should close workbooks without saving and re-compare them again. So, we've implemented both operations in the same update - Bulk Merge and Bulk Undo.

Bulk Merge operations are represented by 2 toolbar commands and Popup menu in the Right Click Menu (RCM) in the Difference Explorer. Bulk Undo commands are in the RCM only:

To undo results of the bulk operation, use RCM | Bulk Merge | UNDO all merge commands in the ... book command.

You can use this command not only in context of the Bulk Merge operation. This is separate command. You can use it to undo all modifications you've done on the specific worksheet, VBA Module, VBA Form. Or in the whole workbook.

Bulk Merge commands in the xlCompare