Compare and Merge Worksheets and Visual Basic modules in the Excel Workbooks

In this topic we would like to explain - what you need to know to use xlCompare effectively.

At first. xlCompare is not a complete spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel. We've put your focus on the comparison job. Some Excel features are not yet implemented. For example we have limited support of charts and pivot tables. All of these features will be added in the future versions of xlCompare. We are improving the software very day, so new features are added very quickly. You can see our Changelog.

Next. You can edit cells on the worksheets like in Excel. You can't enter formula into cell like in Excel, but you can change constant values. Just start typing and your text will appear in the cell. Also, you can press F2 key and edit contents of the cell (again like in Excel).

In the VBA Code we don't give you abilities to edit the code directly. At this moment it is not needed. Now we give you effective tool to navigate between Visual Basic Code Modules and browse your code line by line. If you think that in-place edition is useful and important - let us know. We will increase priority of this feature and include it into upcoming update.

xlCompare should somehow give you comparison results. We've decided to display them in the separate window called Difference Browser:

You should use it to review and analyze discrepancies between worksheets and VBA Modules. All discrepancies are organized into tree-like structure. So, use can expand them level by level.

In the VBA Code pane you can select multiple lines and merge\delete them in single click.

Difference Browser gives you ability to merge differences. Every difference, which could be merged, has a checkbox. If you check it - modification is applied to another workbook. Uncheck it to undo. Thats all. This feature gives you ability to quickly browse all discrepancies and merge the onces you need.

We hope that you will be fully satisfied by our software. If there will be any problems or you have a suggestions - just contact us.