Who can use xlCompare

Anyone who develops Excel workbooks financial software, accounting and real estate templates, ... needs version control software to compare and analyze changes done in the workbook from version to version. If you will do this work yourself, it will take a lot of time and you can miss important changes. xlCompare will simplify this work and save you many hours.

Any office worker, who uses Excel to compare price lists, accounting reports and another information he receives in the form of workbook, will find this tool extremely useful. xlCompare quickly processes large amount of data and gives you comprehensive difference report.

Accountant and banking workers usually receive information in a form of spreadsheet invoices, reports, plans, rates and various models. xlCompare is an effective utility to track changes and merge spreadsheets.

Models used in the insurance industry also require synchronization. xlCompare will be extremely useful in this industry.

If you are working with database which can be exported to Excel, you can use xlCompare to compare and merge database values.