Command Line mode

Why command line mode is important?

It allows to use xlCompare as a part of the another process. You can intergrate this tool into the another application by using Command Line mode.

Ok. So, how to use xlCompare from the command line? Use this syntax:

xlCompare.exe < path to first workbook > < path to second workbook >

Optional features:

Compare only specific worksheets.

You can pass worksheet name to xlCompare by adding it to file name after | character. For example:

"C:\My Files\Sales Report.xlsm|Jan-16"

In this case Jan-16 worksheet is compared.

If worksheet name is not specified - xlCompare processed complere workbooks, including all worksheets and all VBA Modules.

Save comparison report.

To pass report file use following syntax: -r <path to report file>.

Save report as Table.

Add -tbl modificator to the command line string.