How to compare Forms in VB projects

xlCompare finds differences between forms in the Visual Basic Project, and give you an ability to resolve this difference. If you are doing version control tasks, it is not enough to only see what was changed on the form. You should have an ability to merge differences. For example, you should be able to add someone's changes into the common branch with code. If you are doing this job manually - it looks trivial, you may miss somethat that was changed.
When you compare Visual Basic Project, typical comparison results may look like this:
It is relatively simple, but it shows main concepts. As you can see, form "UserForm1" has 3 differences:
  • Controls Label1 and TextBox1 are not present on the right form
  • Control RefEdit1 is not present on the left one
xlCompare has one interface for all merge tasks - checkbox attached to the difference. When you check it - similar modification is applied to the another workbook.
So, in this case: if you check the "RefEdit1" item - control names "RefEdit1" is added to the left workbook. But newly added control may get new ID, because control with same ID may already exist. Also, new control may get TabIndex, which is already assigned to another control. So, usually after mer operation you should review form and organize controls if needed.