How to find xlCompare on my PC

xlCompare is a COM-Addin for Microsoft Excel. On your PC you can find it in 3 places:

  • In your Excel application.xlCompare adds ribbon tab "Compare and Merge" to Excel 2010/2007 and Compare menu to the Excel 2003. All comparison commands can be found in this menu. Also you can use this menu/ribbon to activate xlCompare, check activation status of your copy, check of updates and contact Spreadsheet Tools support service.
  • On your Desktop. xlCompare installs wrapper application which you can use to compare files without opening them in Excel. You need only select 2 workbooks and choose what you want to compare – workbooks, names or VBA Project.
  • In All Programs | xlCompare menu you can find same utility as installed to your Desktop.

One of the common issue you may have – ribbon\menu in Excel is not present and when you use desktop tool it starts and exists without showing comparison results. In this case you need to make sure that you’ve installed the right version of xlCompare. It's bitness should match Excel’s bitness. If you have Excel 2010 64-bit, you should install xlCompare 64-bit. In all other cases you should install xlCompare 32-bit even if you have Windows 7.

To check which version of Excel 2010 you have, you need to use Help command on the File tab. This command displays full version information about Excel installed on your PC, including bitness. After version number there should be written 32-bit or 64-bit.