Merge several changes in the VBA Code in a single click

This topic describes a simple trick you can use to resolve the conflicts in your VBA Code using Excel Compare Utility.

Difference Explorer allows you to select only one difference at a time. So, you can merge them one by one. If you have block of 100 added or changed lines, this will take a time. This is contary opposit to the xlCompare principles - all operation should be quick and easy to use. You should use another method to merge the code quickly.

Go to the VBA Code window and select all lines of code you want to add to another workbook. You can also select lines without checkboxes - they will not affect the operation. So, you can select several blocks of lines at once.

On the screenshot below we've highlighted block of several lines which has line with and without checkboxes.

Now click on the one of the checkboxs in the selected area.

All lines of VBA code are added to another workbook. One click - all work is done.

You can use same way to undo the operation.