How to compare 2 VBA Modules

Sometimes you don't need to process all your workbook and work with comparison results. You may want to compare only 2 visual basic modules. In this topic we will explain you how to do this, step by step.

At first you should open workbooks, which modules you want to compare. You can select workbook path from the Combo Box on the xlCompare window, or use [...] button to browse to the file you need.

When workbook is selected, next step - select Visual Basic Modules you want to compare. Use VB Project button to select visual basic modules:

When you press this button, xlCompare displays VBA Modules in the tab controls on the button of each pane. So, you can select the module you need just like you are selecting worksheets.

When 2 modules are selected, use Compare | Modules command in the menu. Thats all you need. All other work is done by xlCompare.

In a few seconds you'll get results of the comparison.